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new cat problems!

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I had a cat for almost a year now. I today received 2 kittens, all males, from someone. I brought them home. My older cat is roaring and hissing at them. but this is not too much of an issue, I know it would stop after a bit and theyll get along. the main issue is. one of the cats is scared, and is always sitting in a corner, refusing to eat. Today we were going to give him to my dad's friend, because we brought 1 for us, and another for him. but the kitten bit his finger and tore it..making him bleed. and then the cat ran up a tree. and is still up there, does not want to come down. Any idea how to make them get along?
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i know from when i got my kitten, he bit my finger real bad to

From the great advice i got from hissy, you just need to give them their own space and they will come to you when they are ready, dont let the other pets be around them to much, as it will more than likley be scareing them.

I'm sure things will be ok soon
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too bad one of them is still up on the tree...
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I finally managed to get him down the tree..then as soon as he got off he ran away...and never came back yet

EDIT: I woke up today, opened the garage and found him on my car, he immedietly went under the car and is hiding in the car...
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Cats being cats, it's hard to make them do anything. You have to create an environment where they can be they way you'd like them to be. For your new kitten I'd say that you need to create a safe area for him and introduce him little by little to you, your family and the other cat.

Once you get him back indoors do you have a room where he can stay and be secluded from the rest of the stresses he's experiencing in your house? I'm not saying you are stressing him of course, just that as a young cat he may be hyper sensitive and highly strung. My cat Albus is a little like that and when we first got him we gave him his own "room" for a time to get adjusted.

I'm sure with a little quiet time and some patient attention from you he'll come around.

Good Luck!
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It sounds like your kitty reacted to the stress of being placed in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar cats. I wouldn't be concerned about the bite, as it really is a natural reaction to that situation. When you do get the cat out of the tree though, you can begin acclimating him to your house again. When you bring a new cat into your home, it's important that you give the cat it's own room at first (I believe someone else already mentioned that) and that you keep him in there with his food, water, litter box, toys, blankets, etc. until he seems comfortable. He should have no contact with other cats in the household other than sniffing them through the crack under the door. Make sure you give the cat plenty of attention. The cat needs time to adjust to a new environment on its own terms, and an entire new house with other cats in it is overwhelming and scary. After a week or two of being kept in his own room, you can decide whether you think the animal is ready to meet the resident cat for brief, supervised visits. Then gradually increase the amount of time the cat is allowed to visit with the resident cat and explore his new home. Consider also limiting the amount of space he has access to when you let him explore your home, and gradually increasing it as he becomes comfortable. Introducing an new cat into your home takes time and patience. Once your cat is well established in your new home, if you decide he is to be an outdoor cat, you can begin letting him into the yard for brief supervised periods until he becomes comfortable.
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