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my kitty is becoming antisocial

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We rescued a 12 week old kitten 2 weeks ago, she was very sweet,enjoyed being held and would lie next to my daughter. She has been check by a vet and is healthy. Now the kitten growls and becomes aggressive when held, she won't lie next to anyone and she hisses and meows at everyone who comes close to her. We have to adult cats that have been surprisingly good to her, as well as, 2 dogs that for the most part stay away from her. I don't know what to do, she was so sweet and now she is becoming quite antisocial.
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hello and firstly welcome to the site

I dont really have any advice on your problem, but someone will be along who will be able to help you
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Does she have any aggression towards the other animals?
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UMMM are you sure the vet checked her out completly.....I am not trying to say anything about your vet, but with a behavoir change that abrupt, in my experience means sick cat or cat in pain....

The only time my emmet ever hissed and growled at me was when his urethra was clogged with crystals.....

I am not saying she is sick......thier may be many other reasons for this sort of behavior, this is just what i know

Good luck
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Yes,kitty does show aggression towards the other animals, but she just hisses and growls, she has not acted on her threats. I am taking her back to the vets this friday maybe he can check her urine at that time. thank you!!
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Sounds like she is being picked on by others, maybe behind the scenes. Sometimes when were not looking, their is a lot going on that we would'nt approve of, so they wait till our backs are turned! Maybe the others are jealous of the attention she gets from you......Goodluck!
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