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Kitten Cuteness Alert

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I uploaded a couple of pics to my Verizon web space (the page builder is cruddy but it was what I had to work with ... and there are a couple of new pictures of Lexus and the babies.

Enjoy and we'll update as we get more pictures.

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awwwwww precious!!!

congrats on the new birth Gaye
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Ohhh!! Siamese babies!! How CUTE!!!
Mom cat looks so content.
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Congratulations Gaye!
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awwww...congrats, Gaye!
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She looks like such a proud mommy!
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She does look proud!!!
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Thanks for the cuteness warning, Gaye!!
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You warned us Gaye! Those babies are soooooo cute! Mommy looks so proud of herself!
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Hooray for Lexus!
So cute! Thanks for the warning
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They're gorgeous! Another fabulous litter compliments of Miss Lexus!
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How adorable. Brand new baby Meezer's.
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They are so sweet! What a beauitful, proud mama they have!!!
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Thanks Goodness you gave us the cuteness alert! Absolutely adorable!
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They are too adorable for words!
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Absolutley adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
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PRECIOUS tiny babies!!!! Congratulations on the new arrivals!!!!
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Thanks so much for sharing those Gaye - they are utterly beautiful little meezers - taking after a gorgeous mama of course!!! Congratulations!!!
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Gaye, do you have any updated pictures? As a mommy of three siamese boys and a big siamese lover I am most interested in doting over your babies!
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What precious babies! Any updates? How are they getting on?
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They are just TOO cute for words. They are teeny tiny

Adorable Gayef, thanks for posting the link! I can't wait to see more pictures!
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Oh Gaye how sweet is that???
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