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A kitty story

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Last week we got a new 10 week old kitten. His names Zephyr! it took our 2 year old male cat Zeus a week to get used to him but i think we are making progress! So i have a little story! lol. sorry the pics are so blurry but i had to use my webcam for these shots!

LilZ- Hey big brudder can i come n sit wif u.
BigZ- Sure kid but behave your a pain sometimes.

lilz- Hey brudder whats this little toy over here i think i better check it out . BigZ- Kid thats not a toy.. just leave it alone please.. you promised you would be good. lilZ- awe just a lil swat wont hurt

bigZ- What did i tell you zephyr......
lilz- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigZ- THATS IT!!!!!! im outta here

lilz- Hey where did he go?? i was bein good????

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Awwwwww look at the size of the little one

It's a shame their blurred
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i will post some less blurred ones as soon as i get my digital camera back! Hes such a sweetie. so little and the biggest cuddle bug ever! follows me every where and nuzzles my neck when he naps . i am in love
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Aww I can't wait to see them unblurred...they're cute, even blurry!
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I love your pics!, they are adorable
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As everyone here knows... i sure do love grey kitties!!!! They are cute, though it's easier to tell in your siggy than the pics but it is a cute funny story you told with it!!
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Great story!!! I love grey kitties!!
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