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Yay, 3 day weekend!!

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Labor day rocks I just wish I could get out of here early Oh well, can't complain when I have a whooole extra weekend day
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Time for a long relaxing weekend!!
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YAY!!! I just found out that i actually get Monday off too!!! YAY!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo happy!!!

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!!!
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I had Friday off from school (yesterday) since I didn't have any exams on that day so I guess it's been a three day weekend for me too. Awesome!
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I love long weekends. I just wish Joe was going to be home! He has to go back to work Sunday for 6 days.
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My boyfriend is also working all weekend too
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After this week from H-E-double-hockey-sticks, I am SO grateful for this 3 day weekend! Nothing at all planned, and I'm really liking those plans!
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I work all weekend too And Trav had a four day weekend!
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My 3-day weekend will be spent cleaning this house! But thats ok because I'm doing it because my husband is coming home Tuesday (or about then)! I need the extra day off too!
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Yay, 9 day weekend. We are taking all of next week off.
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