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fear of strangers

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In the coninuations of the onslaught of posts by a new cat owner....

I have two kittens that were known in their two foster homes for being extremely social and people-friendly to visitors and foster parents alike. I've had them at my home for 3 weeks now, and have had visitors over three times-- and they're terrified. One actually leapt from my arms and clawed me to run away when a friend came to the door. I want everyone who visits to know what wonderful cats they are, but they never get a chance! Suggestions? I rarely have people that can come over and sit for a few hours and give them long adjustment times.
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My Rosie has socialised with people from the age of 6 weeks, and she's fine when she knows them, but if a stranger comes into the house, she runs for her life to their room upstairs

After 15-20 minutes she'll creep back downstairs and give them a good sniffing out, but i always tell them to just let her be and she normally comes round to them, but on her terms!!

Tell them to dangle a toy or give them a couple of treats to reassure them
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Harley seems to be the complete opposite...he loves people! He will sit and stare at them or try and get on their laps til they give him attention! He is spoiled
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Chelsea doesn't care about people, if they are first time visitors she hides under the baed. After she has seen or heard them for a couple of times she doesn't hide anymore, but ignores them.
Johnny Cat has to see them three times then he'll come up to them for petting.
Tiger, no way he will ever let anybody see him.
Moki seems to be adopting the "three times rule".

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