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Vacation Photos

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Here are a few pics of my recent vacation. I don't have very many because it rained almost every day.

We drove up to Burlington Vermont and spent 2 nights there -

Here is the Burlington waterfront

I always have to visit Gardener's Supply when I go to Burlington. I don't know if any of our TCS Gardeners have ever heard of tehm, but the are a huge mail order gardening supply company.

They have some gorgeous display gardens there. Of course I had to hit up the sales too!

We woke up Sunday morning to a lot of rain and drove to New Hampshire. The rain stayed with us for the four nights we were there.

Some mist/fog photos

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Clouds in the White Mountains -

Here are two pictures of Jackson Falls

Before the rain from Katrina -

and after -

and yes, we did see evidence that Fall will soon be here !

Thanks for looking!

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Very, very pretty pictures!
Glad you had a good time.
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That must have been beautiful to experience. I love the picture of the fog over the big rocks.
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Thanks for sharing your Piccys Karen.
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Absolutely...Great work!... the weater looks great... but you tell us that the majority of time was rainy......
How about the Temp?...very cold?......
I figured you spend a great time with hubby!
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What a beautiful place!!, and it looks so peaceful!
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Thanks for sharing!!! They are beautiful
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Those are beautiful pictures!! Very serene!
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Oh those pictures are just beautiful!!
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WOW - i sat and stared at those pics...they look so calm and peaceful! Thanks for sharing!!!
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WOW the pics. Just beautiful. Sorry it rained on you guys. Ill bet you were glad to see kitty when you got home. I know I"m looking forward to seeing TTP & B tomorrow!
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Stunning photos Karen
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Beautiful pics! I hope the rain didn't damper your vacation spirit too much!
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I've ordered lots of stuff from Gardener's Supply over the years!!
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Thanks everyone!

Rigel, it was in the 70's but REAL humid.

Susie - we were very happy to see Abby. She was real happy to see us too!

Gail - they even have an OUTLET up there! I got some great deals!!!

We had planned on doing some small hikes, but the rain kept us inside most of the time. I did do a lot of shopping in the outlets in NH, and started my Christmas shopping!

We will be headed back up to New Hampshire in October for the foliage.
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Glad you had a good time. The photos are beautiful.
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Great pics! Especially the foggy misty ones -- love that. Glad you had a good time.
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Love the pictures! It looks like a very nice place to visit!
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i love those pictures! it's so beautiful up there clearly. i'd love to visit someday.
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What beautiful pictures!! I would loveto visit that area someday. Thanks for sharing them!
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Thanks everyone!
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