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New Persian Owner

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I just got one of the cat of my dreams...A Persian, however I know very little about the care & upkeep of the cat (besides the fact she will needed Brushed quit often)...My last cat Scooby was a "mut" & he had a short coat....sadly he was hit by a car on Jan 19 2002, & my friend gave me a 6 week old Persian to replace him. She is a beutiful Grey color with just a hint of Cream & a little bit of white.
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Welcome to the catsite. If you have any questions about the little one, feel free to post them in any of the appropriate forums. You should get answers pretty quick. Just make sure and keep a close eye on her as 6 weeks is really too soon to be away from mom.
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site!
Your new kitten sounds like she is very pretty! We would love to see a picture of her if it's at all possible.
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I will have a PIc of her over the weekend ready.
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hi Princess_Persia, I have 2 Persians, i kinda just stumbled across them. Bagpuss is a cream female who is now 3 years old I found her in a dumpster when she was 4 weeks old just left to die so out she came and home to mine via the vet. Jake is another rescue from a pet store he was in the back of the cage at 4 weeks old half dead so picked him up stormed outta there hurling abuse at the pet store owner. he is White and is now 2 years old.

Grooming is a necesity - Bagpuss doesnt mind the grooming whereas Jake HATES it he squirms and wriggles and bites me and growls like a dog, but I am lucky with him he has a thick coat that rarely mats and only once in a while gets a knot, and I wait till he is fast asleep until I cut it out. Bagpuss on the other hand has very very fine fur and mats within a few days, so i keep her shaved in the lion cut she looks very cute, I think there is a post somewhere around here with her pics.

Persians tend to get problems with the teeth. Both of mine have had to have cleaning done at the vets. If your kitty starts getting really really smeely breath check her teeth and if the gums are red take her to the vet.

Eyes are another problem - jake's eyes are perfect Bagpuss on the other hand keeps getting conjunctivitus, basically it is all due to bad breeding...so I have some oily ointment and it she has the infection I use it 2 times per day for about 5 days, if her eyes are clear then I use the cream once per week just to keep the infection away.

Other than that i am not sure about other persian owners but mine have terrible attitudes, spoilt......maybe that is because they live better and eat better than me and if they dont like something then I will go way outta my way to make them happy.

Other than that they are regully furry critters who are completely and totally devoted and sooooo loving....

Gald you are a persian owner
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Welcome !!!!!!!
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Welcome & I hope to see you posting often!
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here is my Princess Persia
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OMG!!!! I've never seen such an adorable baby before!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Can I have her??!?! Pleeeeease?!?!?!?! ha ha ha.... she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!
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She is stunning! What a lovely little girl! I want one now (don't tell the hubby!)
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OMG, she is soooooooo adorable. I want her!!!!!!!!!
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Awwwww...I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty Scooby!!! I know it's heartbreaking. I seem to get a kitty almost right away if something horrible happens like that...once actually, but I recommend it only because there's so many homeless kitties out there that need love and shelter!

Good luck with you kitty!

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Oh My God! That kiddin' is ADORABLE!!!Have LOTS of fun with her!

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LOVE THE COLOR! Very sweet!
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your kitty os the most adorable little critter I have seen......
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yes she is pretty but she is full of additude.
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I just now saw the picture you posted of her. She is absolutely adorable!!!!!
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Welcome and Congratulations on your new baby! I loved her picture she's so cute...

I have a Lilac Persian with a doll face & Ragdolls as well {lots of them!!} We can never have enough cats in my house, but i still want more!! I'll be looking forward to seeing many pictures in time to come, Your very licky though cos I still haven't worked out how to post pictures yet lol

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What a little sweetie pie! I am glad that you have another fur ball to take care of........
Life is full of wonders...........
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What a sweet face! She looks like a real sweetheart.
Ann D.
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