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Our daily thread for Tuseday March the 5th

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Hi everyone!

I've just went through yesterday's thread. Thank you all for your prayers and your kind words! Support means so much at times like this! I guess your prayers worked too . We have lost the pregnancy but I don't feel as bad as I feared I would.

We talked to the doctors and they all said not to worry. This is what happens in 15% percent of all pregnancies and it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with us. We'll start trying for another baby within a couple of months.

The procedure itself was not very nice, but everyone at the hospital was very kind and understanding and that helped a lot. I went under general anasthetic so I didn't feel anything. I just woke up in the hospital bed when it was all over, sobbing my eyes out

Still, I had my Tzachi (hubby) with me and he was so wonderful and supportive! I know he wasn't having an easy time himself (he still had that head cold on top of the whole situation) but he kept cheering me up and was so sweet...

Well, that's all over and done with and now we're trying to look ahead. I still feel a bit woozy and light headed and I should be in bed resting, but I couldn't keep away from the computer. I need to spend another hour at lease replying to emails. Lots of people email me about their cats' health problems and I have to answer quickly, even if it's just to tell them to get the cat to the vet ASAP. After that I have to get the weekly newsletter out and then I'll go back to bed.

I hope to get back to the forums later today, after I get some more rest.

Thank you all for your support! Enjoy the storm and have a great day!
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Oh Anne,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss!! I will think about you...... I hope you feel better soon.... take care of yourself!
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I am so terribly sorry for your loss, Anne. Sometimes there are not words enough to express sympathy, but know that our prayers are with you.

I don't know if this will help, but the same thing happened to my cousin last year, and she is pregnant again, with no complications.

Your site has helped to connect us in such a positive and affirming way, so I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life.

God be with you.
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Anne, I am so happy that you are home and resting now. I was worried about you all day yesterday! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Good morning from CT..
Well, the snow is not bad but worse than I have seen it yet in 1.5 years. They closed the schools and base. We are all in the house together today. I think I may let my human baby outside to play in the snow. I am going to get a start on cleaning the house and finish packing for this weekend. I finally came up with a name for the Long legged kitten we are going to keep from our litter. Her name is Keegan, it is celtic and it means little firey one. Boy..I have never seen the trees weighed down with so much snow!! Hope everyone is off to a good day!!
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Welcome back Anne - I have no doubt that a year from now you will be posting the birth of a human baby! We will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

We certainly have snow! For the second day in a row the governor has given me the gift of a day off with pay! I have completely and thoroughly spring cleaned my room, including moving around the furniture and it is only 2 p.m.! My cats think I am crazy - but this morning was so nice - it was dark in the room and I was snuggled up with eleven cats and one silly little Pug dog in my bed! I never get to do that because I am always off working or on a rescue -

Now I am going to clean my two clothes closets so when I go to the show this weekend with Sandie and Donna (and Frannie and Michele who still hasn't posted to this site), I will feel like I accomplished a weekends worth of work with a whole weekend off.

Enjoy your day today everyone - I will probably not be back on the site until late tonight.
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I just had to post because when I saw young cat after my name I had to giggle - not bad for a 50 year old!
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I am glad you are back Anne and feeling well. I am glad you have such an upety outlook on your situation. It is so refreshing being around positive people!!

I wish it would Snow here!!
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