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so weird

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I was brushing mu hair in the bathroom and in walks Betty, she sauntered over to the tub, jumped in and peed!!!!

I had not cleaned her box that morning which I usually do....Betty then did it the next day again!

I told my husband I would rather her go pee in the tub than on the floor. And she does not get scared when I spray her with water... maybe this is just going to be her 'weird' thing.
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Sometimes inappropriate peeing can be a sign of underlying issues. I've moved your thread to our Behavior forum, where you should get some good advice on this subject.
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Ruling out all medical issues, she's actually not doing anything that weird. I know a few people with cats who pee down drains (or in the toilet) and only use the litterbox for pooping. Some just figure out that liquid goes down there and never comes back or smells for long.
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Man I sure wish all 7 of my cats would figure that one out. It would sure make my life less busy and less expensive and less smelly if they learned to pee in the tub or toilet. I tried toilet training them once and it really didn't work. I should try again though.
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My Siamese girl did that a couple times - once was because her litter hadn't been cleaned and the other was when she had an infection and the blood showed up better on white porcelain. She actually called for me to come see that she had peed in the sink.

I'd get your baby checked by a vet just to make sure there are no health issues.
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They both have been to the vet several times; the last was just aweek ago.... the vet said they were pretty healthy besides thier ear infections. I think when she hops in the tub and feels the water on her feet it makes her need to go pee. Lol

a big problem is that my kitties won't stop growing!!! They are so cute!
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