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another cleaning thread :D

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yes guys here i am back to my cleaning questions..

Actually its not really cleaning?

The house smells muffy, appart from buying those expensive plug in/spray smelly things what else could i use??? I want it to smell good and unique, i put a bowl of vinegar in bens room because it stunk of ciggarette.. but i dont really expect to have vinegar all over the house..

I would love to hear your suggestions
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I like to put powder on the carpet, I find it keeps the house smelling nice..the other thing I do is put fabric softner sheets in the vents, so whenever the fan comes on it makes everything smell pretty
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Get a bag of potpouri and simmer it on the stove.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I like to put powder on the carpet, I find it keeps the house smelling nice..the other thing I do is put fabric softner sheets in the vents, so whenever the fan comes on it makes everything smell pretty

Good idea but i dont have vents :S
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I used Pet Fresh on my carpets before I vacuumed, and it did an amazing job. I think that carpets absorb a lot of odours, and this left them smelling fresh and sweet. It's an Arm and Hammer baking soda product, you might have that, or something similar, where you live.
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You could put a pot on the stove and put some cinnamon in it and let it simmer too-just watch so all the water doesn't evaporate!! Are candles out of the question??
Also wash the walls in Ben's room-you will be amazed at the "smoke" you will remove. If there are any curtains wash them too.
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Originally Posted by fwan
yes guys here i am back to my cleaning questions.....
.... ...I love your sentence!!!.....
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Can you get Febreeze where you are?
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yeah but freebreez makes me sick
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Shake 'N' Vac! it's the bomb!
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Maybe try some baking soda... it's good for fridge smells etc.. I have been keeping some in my closet and smells go away. You could try putting some on carpets and vacuuming. The good thing is that it doesn't have any overwhelming scent. My other suggestion would be to burn some incense..
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I use something called linen water, or linen spray on my bed sheets, it makes me feel feminine and pretty. It comes in different scents depending on your tastes. The best invention ever, overall is something called an oil diffuser. It is this little bowl thing that sits about an inch or so over an unscented tea light. You put a few drops of oil in and your whole house smells like it. It doesnt take much to do the entire room, or even the entire house. I know some places sell the oils and diffusers (I got mine from the body shop) but I think your cheapest bet would be a natural foods store, some place that sells essential oils. You can get everything from lavender to citrus to myrth to plain vanillia. My favorite is satsuma from the body shop. The bottles are $7 there, but one bottle lasts for 3-4 months for me. Be sure that what ever kind of oil it is, it can be used as a diffuser oil, because if not it will burn.
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I thought cinnamon first thing too

Hm... you could always hant potpourri from the walls or something O_O like behind the curtains where it wont be seen... or candles relaly do work wonders... just... if you cant control yourself avoid ones that smell like cookies or you will be wanting cookies Vanilla works really good, as does grape and orange and apple.

Hm... uh.. yeah.

Feebreze is ok to me (and I am allergic to alot of that spray stuff) but it doesnt really ... LAST you know? It like goes for an hour or two then you have to spray it some more.
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the febreeze air-effects stuff works quite well

I lived (and will live) in an old building with no vents, A/C, any of that. So when it got hot in the kitchen during the summer and the garbage hadn't been taken out all STANK! I usually spray a few poofs of that stuff right around the garbage and it takes care of the whole wafting smell, so I like it.
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Originally Posted by GailC
I was going to suggest Cinnamon sticks - I have some of them in my entrance hallway. They have been there nearly a year and I still get a whiff of them when I walk in

I agree about washing lots of stuff though and cleaning/wiping down walls.... Have you been leaving windows open to let some air in?

And for those suggesting candles, bad idea if you have an active kitty... I have display candles only and if I do ever light some tea lights or something then I make sure I never leave them burning alone
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If you put bowls of orange, lemon and grapefruit peel around the house, and freshen them occasionally with some essential citrus oil, that is a wonderful cheap air freshener. But if there is cigarette smoke lingering on the walls you will never get rid of it without thorough washing and even repainting. It gets deep into the cracks that you can't even see.
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Candles are definitly not a good idea, we have had so many tails burnt from candles in the past.
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I burn those yankee candle tarts for a couple hours a day and it keeps the house smelling all kinds of good. Or you can actually bake cookies. The house will smell great for a while. I don't use candles since Charcoal is fascinated by them and burnt his paw once.
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