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Do you know anyone 100 yrs old??

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Just have to share of bit of good news.
Today is the 100th birthday of my parent's neighbor's mother.
She was a stand in grandma for me growing up and such a role model.
She taught knitting/sewing/crochecting classes at local technical school until she was around 78 and was a county fair judge into her early 80's.
One of her granddaughter's was born around this time and she took care of her/ her son's house and still did lots of baking/canning etc...
She bought a serging sewing machine when she was 91. She still lives by herself with a lady coming in for about 3 hrs/day.
Just a remarkable person. One of my mom's friends saw her earlier this week and says she could make age 110 easily!!
I think when I visit my parents next weekend mom and I will try to stop by.
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That is so very cool! My grandpa just turned 97, and it's amazing to think about, when you talk to someone who's that age, all of the changes that have been made and things that have been invented in their lifetimes!
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The oldest person in the UK died last week aged 118!! Imagine seeing the turn of two different centuries

I don't think I know anyone over 80 myself.
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My wife's great aunt died last year, at 103. On her 100 birthday there was a huge birthday party in Youngstown, Ohio. She had letters from the mayor, the governer, the senators and congressmen, and the president. As a black woman she had lived through the end of the reconstruction period (which was in the south, she was in Ohio), two world wars, the Jim Crow era, and the Civil Rights movement. A remarkable woman who I greatly enjoyed getting to know and talk with.

Her first reaction when she heard Tracy (my wife) and were together is "Can't she find a good black man?" (I'm white.) When we met at her 95th birthday we immediately hit it off extremely well and I found to her to be one of the most amazing and wonderful people I ever met. (By the way, she was always one to speak her mind. After we met she never said anything to anyone about me that wasn't positive, so I know she was not just being polite when we got along so well.)

One of my great aunts died at over 100 (I only remember meeting her once, somewhere around 1965, on her 100th birthday.) She was the first 100 year old I ever met. I never really knew her that well, but my dad told me many stories about this remarkable woman.

I for one believe these people with such wonderful histories are a treasure to all humanity and need to be cherished.
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The grandmother of a friend of ours lived to 104 I think. We were at her 100th birthday celebration. Neat lady, very eccentric -- but then that whole family is!
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the oldest person I know right now is 86, but I have to admit I don't know that many people, and the elderly are pretty much limited to only my remaining grandparents.
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To tell the truth nope..
I´m glad for that person!!
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No I don't. I think my great grandparents are only in their late 70s
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The oldest folks I personally knew were my Mom's Aunt Minerva and Dad's great-uncle Commodore who both died at 99! Most of their aunts and uncles reached their 80s so I have high hopes.
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My grandma (dad's mom) is 80 and graduated from college with masters in english at age 73. She is the healthiest woman! We thought she might go downhill after grandpa passed in 2000 but she keeps on going. She looks so good for being 80 and has no health problems. Makes me wonder if I will be like that at 80
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It is really cool when they are able to share their stories!

I feel like a 100 today. Does that count?
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i dont know anyone who is over 100, but my grandma is 97 now!!!
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Originally Posted by captiva
I feel like a 100 today. Does that count?
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My great-great grandmother lived to be 101.

My great grandma is 90 right now.
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My grandma is 96! Still going pretty strong...
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My Great Grandfather lived to be 105, and he was as sharp as a tack until the day he passed on. I remember I was scared to touch him, because he was so old. I remember he smoked Cigars, and said nothing was going to change his fate as his age, so he wasn't going to quit. He told some awesome stories of the olden days, though. He was a very cool old guy. He loved to gossip about movie stars, and was really up on the latest Hollywood happenings.
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A Canadian woman turned 110 today or yesterday or tomorrow or something. They had an article in the paper because she's an Albertan and Alberta is celebrating her 100th birthday this month.
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I do actually - my great grandmother live to be 103. (Deceased now tho) - and my great great grandmother lived tio be 98 at a time mortality rates of 65 were the norm. Not sure how I'll do wuth all my health probs tho but I do cross my fingers. It prob has helped me last this long. My gg grandmother lived to be 93 - and that was in early 1900's! Strong women!!

I had a patient as an intern who was 100 - celebrated her borthday in the ER. I well recall that. I did a project about her - took pix and talked to her. She was diabetic too - gave herslef insulin up until she was in her 90's, a former nurse actually. And her mind was clear as a bell.

Of my great grandma, it was said she did her own housework till she died - and had all her faculties. I soooooooo hope I have many of her genes!
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My maternal grandpa lived a few months past his 100th birthday, and my maternal grandma passed away just a few months before her 100th birthday. Grandma still lived in her own home at the time of her death. Both grandparents kept themselves active both mentally and physically well into old age, and I'm hoping to follow their example.
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I have a good friend who is 95. She was an RN, has traveled the world and is still a ball of fire.
She just got her ears pierced. I think that she has a crush on her new neighbor, a young man of 89.
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My husband's grandmother is soon to be 91, and I'm convinced, is going to outlive us all!
At our wedding last summer, she was one of the last people to leave the dance floor. At one point, her son, my husband's uncle, came up to her and said, "Hey, mom, do you want to sit down for awhile and rest?" And she said "You rest if you're tired, I'm dancing!!" Too cute.
She does swim-nastics (water aerobics) every other day, goes to Senior College every summer for 6 weeks in San Diego where she lives in a dorm and takes college classes, lives by herself, drives, does her own shopping, sewing, cooking. The woman is a dynamo.
She calls us every Friday to say hello and wish us a happy Shabbat (my husband is Jewish) and when you ask her how she is, her response is always, "I'm delicious!"
Knock on wood, she'll make it to 100. I'd love for her to meet her great-grandchildren!
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Yes, my granny Sarah died at 102. She lived in three centuries, being born in 1899 and she passed in 2001. She was an amazing lady, and the best things about her spirit was that she lived through the entire 20th century and still saw the best in humanity.
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Yes I do. My great grandmother's sister is 102 this year. (My great grandmother passed away 2 years ago at 96). It's amazing.
She has never been in the hospital, she smokes, drinks two glasses of wine /day, eats greasy food, drinks this lemonade she makes herself which is basically concentrated lemon juice with cups of sugar in it. Has her turkish coffee every morning....She's really on the go. But last time i talked to her, she said that it's not good to be that old.
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My greatgrandma's sister is turning the triple one's (111) on Wednesday. She looks about 66, though! She was my baby sitter as a little girl.

luv-Kimi, Berry, and Greatgrandma Elizabeth.
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No but my great-uncle is getting up there
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