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My cat, Jerry and I recently moved to a new apartment. We left a living situation with a roommate and another cat (they got along). The new apartment is much smaller so the litter box had to go into the bathroom. Jerry previously had an uncovered litter box that did not do much to cut down on odor. Since the litter box is now in my bathroom I decided to get a new, clean box that is covered.
Last night Jerry refused to use the new box. He would skeptically put his head in the box and his front paws where he would move the litter around but not go in to use the box. After a while I took off the top and he ended up using it no problem. Is there a way to train Jerry (1 year old) to use the new litter box with the top?

Second question...Jerry is a very cuddley cat. He loves to be right next to me with a paw on my hand or having some sort of contact. I would love for him to sleep with me but we have a few problems. First, he likes to groom me which involves him eating/licking my hair. It is not just a quick grooming, he would probably do it all night if I let him. Second, he likes to knead on my face and body. He had done it since I brought him home from the pound about a year ago. Is there any way to get him to knead somewhere else?