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Past animal rescues

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I was just wondering about how many of you saved an animal(cat, dog, bird, etc). I remember two times when I helped an animal. Once, when I was eight years old and living in Buffalo, New York, I found a baby bird who had fallen from the nest. My mother helped me build a box with grass for a nest, and we kept the little robin there in the basement of the apartment complex were we lived. Everyday after school, I would go to a friend's house were I dug up worms. Then, between my mother and me, we kept feeding and watering the bird until one day it grew. I took it outside and he flew away.
Another time was when I was a junior in high school here in SLC. I was walking home from school and found an injured pigeon wandering around the block. He didn't get away and he let me pick him up. He was injured on one wing. I kept it in my room in a corner with newspaper. I had a paper plate filled with bird seed and water. I called a friend who knew about birds. he helped me bandage the bird's wing and clean it everyday until one day, when I came from school, I saw the bird flying around the room. I knew it was time to say good bye. So, as soon as he let me pick him up, I took him outside and let him fly away. My friend was with me. One thing i don't understand is, I couln't take him to the vet because he will chrge me. And the aviary that we have here wouldn't take him in either. so now, that I am older, I am trying to find a rescue organization that takes in injured wildlife.
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I have helped too many wild animals to count since I was a kid. My father used to bring baby bunnies and baby pheasants, quail, etc up to the house for me to care for that he found in the field.
I have rescued a stray dog that someone dumped and took him in, and many unwanted cats.
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The only animals that I have rescued were an injured squirell and 2 baby birds. One day when I was little, I was playing outside with my brother and sisters and we saw an injured squirell who was hobbling across the street, so my brother (who was probably about 10 at the time) stood in the middle of our street and stopped the traffic until the squirell got to the other side and one of our friends and her mom took it to a wild animal place where they nurse back to health injured wild animals. I don't know what ever happened to the squirell, but I hope that it lived.

When I was younger, my brother and sisters found a baby bird in our yard, so we brought it inside and put it in a box with a light and a washcloth and a heating blanket. Anyways, we got up every hour or so to feed it, but it ended up dying anyways. :,(

And the other time was about a year ago, when my husband and I found a sick baby bird outside and we took it in and fed it and then he took it to a wildlife animal resue place, but they couldn't save it and it died. My husband cried b/c he felt that he took good care of it then it died, so he felt that he didn't do enough to save it.
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By the way, someone told me that rather then feed a baby robin worms that we should feed it wet dog or cat food. Is this a good idea?
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Well, I couldn't give you an answer on that one, but I'm like Debby in that there's just been too many rescues to count. At first it seems almost like a burden with so many worries, but in the end I've learned not to worry, just let it happen and be thankful it was something I can do to help another living creature.

Hugz to good thoughts!
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