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Kitten names

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I have 3 boys and 1 girl kitten

My only one that has black in him is named "Batman"

I'm in love with Japanese names.

I have 1 kitten who already has a home waiting for him so i will not be naming him.

So I guess this means I have 2 more to name.

My only girl who is mostly gret w/ white (stripped taby)
and my boy who is almost all white except for his ears and tail and they are grey.

Any suggestions?
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My husband and I named our boy kitty after Humphrey Bogart, Bogey, this is my husbands favorite actor. So to kind of match we named our girl after Betty Davis.
We knew we adopting the kittens for 3 three weeks before we brought them home and that whole time we argued over names.
I would suggest putting all the names you like into a hat and just drawing.
and the kitties will like any name you pick!!
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my humble suggestions are...



Japanese female name would be Kagome...and Male...Inuyasha.....is a TV japanese cartoons...have you ever watched?

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The names seem to just come to me. There is always a right name for each cat.
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Heh I can give you some weird names and Japaneseish sounding ones..

Hiranakshi (Here-a-knock-she)
Anonshi (Uh-non-she)
Minushi (Min-oooh-she)
Jinashi (Gin-ah-she)
JianXi (Gee-ang-zee)
Shiang (Shang or She-ang)

Here are some ones I like. I use some of them for the names of my neopets (an online game thing) and some of them are the names of the neopets themselves.
Daruka (Da-Rue-Kah)
Raziel (Rah-zee-elle)
Jakuro (Jah-Koo-row)
Kougra (koo-grah)
Sokaris (So-kah-ris)
Zolute (Zoh-loot)
Grimshaw (Grim-Shaw)
Shoyru (Shoy-rue)
Aisha (Aye-ee-sha or Aye-sha)

Yep. I like weird names.
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i like the names: ohpelia, opium, jet, uh..sorry those arent japanese! lol sushi?? my friend almost named her cat sushi..i always believe in just looking at the kitten. and the name will come to you..even tho i already planned on naming my kit river, from river phoenix, good luck! i had a male cat named simon,..other names such as bunny, bagera, tj, sabrina, shiner (my first cat, lol), petals,

i just looked up boy jap. names but the onle one i thought was neat was Riki...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...let us know what you end up namin' em!

i agree with the wellington cats thing, about names. my tortise shell cat didnt seem like she would be fit with a 'full' name so i named her TJ, lol.
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For the boy, some Lakota words
Wanagi -ghost/spirit
Wakina -thunder
Wicasa -man

For the girl more Lakota
Ishta -she/female/girl
Jigala -little
Mita -mine
Tanke -sister

For either
Zunta - honest
Wayo -true
Washte -good
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I highly recommend Meishka for the girl (of course I am partial) =)

I like Odette for a girl.

Meishka's full name is Stella Meishka Snugglelump...haha
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Oh...or Scout for a boy! =)
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I named Cj, Cj (duh, how obvious!). I am still trying to figure out what it stands for. At one time I thought Cap'tin Jack, but now that doesnt really fit him. I figure it you just look at the kitten and get to know them the right name will come. Its okay if they dont have names for the first few days.... That is when you get the best nicknames!
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