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Bella and (nameless kitten)

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That picture of Bella was taken a couple weeks ago. She's grown a lot since then, but she's still that cute.

I'm still just considering names for this little one, because I don't want to name a kitten if I can't keep it. Maybe Voce or Vento. Or I could go for a good Irish name, like Raelin, Fionn, or Isolde.
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Aww, they are very cute.
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Awww their little sweetie pies
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Cutie pies
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I love that little gray face!!
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Aww Sweet
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oh my goodness!!!!! Cute cute cute!
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They are both very beautiful babies!
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how about ombra or il duce?

(somethings just sound better in italian )
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Aw... very cute!
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Well, the itty kitty is no longer nameless. He's a boy, and his name is Rowen.

And, just for kicks, another pic of Bella.

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Rowen and Bella are PRECIOUS . Bella really lives up to her name!
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Oh no, cuteness alert!!!!
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Oh, I'm in love They're adorable.
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Oh I'm stealing Rowen, Kitters could use a little boy kitty to love as her very own!!! Ok, I'll let you keep him but he is sooo soo soo cute!!!
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Thay are so adorable!!!!!
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In another forum that I belong to, I had a poll about what the kitten's name should be.

The British, of course, thought that the good Irish/Celtic names I'd picked out were 'chav' (apparently poor, illiterate, lower class), but liked the possibility of 'Raelin'.

The second British person replied with this picture, Rowen decked out in 'chav' finery, apparently.

But, he thought that I should name him Raelin (which I would have, had he been a girl), "I chose Raelin. Because you could call it 'Rail' for short. Which sounds cool, like it should be in an action movie. With a gun."

So, of course, a friend of mine replied with this:

Although I'm not thinking that the second picture is his work. The first picture is definitely a wizen original, though. Not that Rowen would even consider wearing a cap. I think that if I tried to dress either baby, they'd conspire to make sure that I go to sleep and never wake up.
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Love the pics!
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