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I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this-it's something I heard on talk radio the other day.
Supposedly, New Orleans, when it was founded, was not below sea level..it was built on a siltbed from the Mississipi Delta. As humans have intervened with the natural course of the river, the water was drawn out of this siltbed, causing it to settle over the years.
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
A sleazy reputation? Oh please - it doesn't only have the sleaze - it has the fun, vivacity, excitement that you would probably not find at home!

One of my fav pics I took from my hotel room at 6am.

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that picture is amazing
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I (stupidly) watched some sort of special about Katrina that my roommate tivo'd and just when I thought I had cried all the tears physically possible for this tragedy, that special wound up releasing a waterfall! I saw images that will be forever burned into my heart. So far after this disaster, I've managed not to see such striking images because I don't watch the news much, but these images rivaled images from 9/11 and the Tsunami that were forever burned into my heart as well.

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I can't believe it!! I don't live in America and am not american but i remember watching the AMerican troops go into Iraq and i thought.... WOW.... these guys are seriously organised... I just can not believe that they were able to conduct what seemed like the biggest military initiative in the last 20 years and they can't help the people stranded in the "back yard".... It just doesn't make any sense!!... I have been watching the news and i can't help but feel as if there is nothing being done... or not enough is being done. I think some leaflet drops would be useful for people who are stranded. Just to let them know what is going on.... It just is such a huge disparity between what we know america to be capable of and what we are seeing on the news. Maybe the news has biased the issue but that's the way it looks from over on this side of the earth.
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i got curious and started scanning the papers for the affected area and came across a small piece of good news. Remember the coverage of the little boy and his dog Snowball separated at a bus pick-up point?

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I sure hope someone is able to locate the little boy so they can be reunited.

In watching the news this morning, it is infinitely better news. The evacuations are very close to complete. They have 200 helicopters searching for people who still need to be rescued. The looters are getting controlled. Although the enormity of the devestation is just beginning to really come into focus, there are also more good stories of survival and renewal.

Colorado/Denver is welcoming 1000 evacuees with free housing in the former dorm rooms at the now defunt Lowry Air Force Base. They at least have real rooms to call "home" for now. In some of the interviews, there were many people who said that they have nothing to go back to, so they are going to just start fresh here. One man said that when he heard "Anyone wanting to leave for Denver, we leave at 4:00" was the most beautiful thing he had heard since the hurricane started, because it meant a chance at a new life.
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I saw on the news this morning that Bush has asked Europe for help, and they were loading an aircraft at RAF Brize Norton with food parcels.

Thank goodness he's asked!
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Yesterday morning, a San Diego Ca. businessman, chartered a private jet & brought 92 of the survivors, some with small children, into our city. They are staying in a school gym, under the care of the Red Cross. Soon, they will be moved into hotels, until better housing can be found for them.
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