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WV National Guard on the way

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I found out last night that a very good friend of mine was heading to New Orleans with the 130th Airlift Wing. Mike Jones is a reporter with the Charleston Daily Mail in Chalreston WV. I guess he's going to have 3 articles on his trip with national guard... if anyone wants to read them here's the site
Charleston Daily Mail
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Good to hear that more help is on the way
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The Wisconsin National Guard has 500 people on there way too. I think 160 left this morning??
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It takes time to mobilize these forces, it's not easy to simply pick up and leave for weeks (or longer.) The scale of the response is amazing, and coordinating it even more so. My thoughts and prayers go with them all.
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Colorado sent 450 on their way today as well. Another 250 are on standby if they are needed and requested.

And I found out that 48 states have a consortium to provide their National Guard troops as requested in the case of a disaster in any of the other states. (Hawaii, because of logistics, and California are the only two not on the agreement. California is doing their part, just not sure why they aren't in this consortium).
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The National Guard unit at the base where I work at (Hunter AAF) was the first in GA to head over there, a couple of days ago. I'm dang proud of these guys right now!
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Go 130th!!
My house was right under their training flight path when I was a kid. Always enjoyed that.
Those guys are awsome...they are, from what I hear, one of the best C-130 units around. I'm so glad we kept our air base. When we have floods and disasters here in WV, they are a blessing, and I'm glad they're still here to help those in New Orleans.

A quote from the article:
"This is exactly why we didn't want to lose our planes," Maj. David Lester said.
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that's really good!
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We saw a convoy on I-55 headed that way today. It awes me how this country can pull together to help one another when we need to, and I thank the men and women giving their time and efforts.
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