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How do your cats act on return from the vet?

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My boys don't mind the vets too much, they have a good look round in the waiting room, wondering what those funny big things with waggly tails are, don't like the vet too much, but not a single cry escapes them all the time they're there. I suppose this is because the worst they've had to endure to date are a few needles and a pill.

When I get inside the front door, I put the basket down and the little paws start scratching to come out, I open the door and they calmly walk out, and start purring! They rub against me, purr like little motors and generally act as if they love me to bits! hey won't leave my side for a good few hours after.

How do your furkids react to the vet, and how do they treat you when they get home?
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Ari's first visit to the local vet was uneventful once I took him out of the carrier so he could be weighed. I held him and he just looked around. He meowed all the way there and back and didn't seem to be too stressed when we got home.

I'm lucky in that the vet has seperate waiting rooms for the cats.
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My girls aren't found of it and cry a little bit, but they don't fight or anything. They aren't really fighters anyway.

When they get home they act shell shocked for about a minute, before settling back in.
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the last time hoshi and baby would hiss at each other. i'm assuming from the fact that they no longer smelled like themselves. but after a few hours that went away. and they were really nervous from the car ride home.
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My cats all vary a bit on going to the vet. Some of them are quiet in the carrier, some meow for a bit in the car and then quiet down. ALL are loves at the vet. As soon as we get in the exam room and the carrier is open they start purring and rubbing on me and the vet.

The only one I have any issues with is my bengal, Aslan. He HATES the car and will SCREAM the entire way to the vet. Once there and out of the carrier, he becomes a purr machine, and is fine with everything you do to him...EXCEPT taking his temperature. That will make him scream again and can become a real fight.

When they get home they just come out of the carrier and go about their business. The other cats may hiss once or twice at them because of the odd smell, but they get over it quickly and things are back to normal.
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The first two times Bella went to the vets (one for her after-adoption checkup, and the other to the hospital to have her stiches looked at), she wasn't terribly happy about being in the cage, or in the car.

But last time, I stuffed her cage full of toys, and she didn't want to come out. The vet had to bribe her with 'cookies', and I finally just left her for a while when we got home.
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I'm always nervous when i take Rosie to the vets because of her "tortitude"!.

She'll take a snap at me if i need to clean the fur around her fluffy bum a couple of times, but when the vet prods, and pokes her all over she's as still and quiet as a mouse, but the vet said that this is because she's scared

When we come back the first thing she does is run upstairs for some kibbles

Sophie is a little charmer!. She headbutts the vet, and rolls on her back without a care in the world!.

When she comes back she goes straight up to Rosie who sniffs her then hisses at her because she has the vet smell on her
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My cat Bob just got neutered a few weeks ago. I took him to the vet and my husband picked him up. As soon as I got home that night he immediately went to our bedroom and went poop in the middle of our bed! The next night when I got home he went poop in my husband's bathroom. The night after that as soon as I got home we were in the bedroom and we started to go pee by the wall so I picked him up and held him over the tile floor in my husband's bathroom. After that he has been fine. It's like he was paying me back for taking him to get fixed!
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They let out a chirp of happiness, immediately run to the litterbox(together) dig in it (side by side), and pee, almost in perfect unison.
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Sophie usually hops out of her carrier and runs to find her toys. Either that or buries her face in her food bowl. She doesn't really seem to stress out too much about the vet, though.
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Ivo hates the vets. She cries and growls in the carrier, hunkers down at the vets and pees at some point. Now, when we get home we have a routine. I let her out and sit in the middle of the living room. She paces around the apartment and cries, while snatching quick pets. Once she stops pacing and calmly lets me pet her, I give her some treats. She usually sleeps in her "hiding" place under the kitchen table for a good part of the day.
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When I took Harley to the vet for his 1st checkup he was so scared at the office! He shook and let out this horrible cry when he got his shot (hearing him made me wanna cry too! ) But when we got home he gave me lots of kisses and we cuddled for the longest time and after a treat he was okay. I love the kisses he gives! Kitten kisses are the best
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My cats are fine but then again they are Persians and since we breed them they go to the vets twice when they are babies and it's always fun for them so they have nothing to worry about
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