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Help for indoor/outdoor kitty

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My three year old kitty Onyx has been and inside/outside kitty his whole life, but recently my neighbors male cat Gilbert has been picking on him everytime her goes outside. Now Onyx is a big kitty, 20 lbs, and Gilbert still manages to corner him and pin him against the house even though hes much smaller.

Both cats are neutered by the way. I noticed today that Onyx has a patch of fur missing by his tail that looks as if the hair was pulled out during a fight. Of course I don't want my cat getting into fights all the time so I want to start keeping him as an inside only cat like my others.

The problem is that Onyx gets very depressed when hes kept in. We had to keep him in for two weeks a few months ago while he recovered from ear surgery and he climbed the wall in my kids room, shredding the wallpaper and tearing a hole in the screen to get out. If he can't get out, he sits in a corner and sulks.

My husband and I are planning to move to a bigger house soon and once there we'd like to build an outside enclosed area for the cats to play in, but until then we want to keep him safe from these squabbles with Gilbert. Any suggestions on how I can make it easier for him to get used to staying inside? Thanks.
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Okay, my neighbors think I'm a freak, but I'll go out and chase the other cat away, yelling and waving my arms like a lunatic. I did that when I first moved into my house and it worked. My neigbor's cat stays in his yard now and she's glad, cuz she had one killed crossing the street! The other catz in the neighborhood stay away from my yard, not because of Jake and Romy, but because of their wacky owner! Now that Romy's gone , Jake goes out less, but I make sure I'm either out w/ them or they are close to the house, so if I have to go and make a fool of myself, I don't have to go as far.

Romeo loved to go outside, Jake just followed, so other cats are kind of moving into the territory. Jake doesn't go out anymore, unless I'm out w/him in the barn or in the garden in the summer, or laying in the sun. He loves to hang w/me.

If it's your neighbors cat - if you get along, maybe talk to them about turn out time.... I'll let my cat out in the AM, etc...

Just a Suggestion!!!!
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I let my cat out sometimes, but she doesn't wander very far. I usually try to keep an eye on her because she's declawed in the front. But when other cats come near her she hisses at them and they usually just back off from her. Try to keep an eye on him while he's having his outside playtime. If other cats approach him, just go out there and scare them away.
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letting your declawed cat out! That is their only line of defense! Keep close watch!!!! Did you receive her that way? I just think it's not right... but that's just my opinion.
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Yeah, its not a good idea to let a declawed kitty outside at all. They are unable to climb trees to get away from dogs and such. I don't want Onyx going out at all, but he gets so depressed when I keep him in
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She likes going outside. I live in a condo so she's only on the porch. She's not in any danger.
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Thats' cool then!!!! :tounge2:
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If you or your hubby are crafty, you can make a quick simple outside enclosure for Onyx that gives kitty the outside experience without putting him into danger. You need chicken wire and pvc pipe, make a simple boxed framework, wrap the framework with chicken wire, set the box, or run on the ground and clamp it down with those big brads that are u-shaped. Make a door on the top you can deposit kitty in and place it in an area where you can watch kitty and he will still be safe. We made one for the rabbits, took us about a half an hour to put it together, and we find our cats get in it every time we clean it. Also when the rabbits were in their hutch, the cats would sleep inside the enclosure. I just fill it with hay so the critters can stay warm and safe. That might help Onyx dol-drums. If you are interested give me a shout and I will explain this contraption further to you.
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MA..thanks for the idea Since Hubby and I are still searching for a bigger house I'm a bit reluctant to build anything just yet. Since Onyx's fight and injury last week hes been inside only and hes adjusting very well to it. He did try his old trick of climbing the kids bedroom wall to get out the window, but it was of course closed. Hes becoming more playful with the kittens and seems pretty content. Once we do find the right house for us, I will be building a big enclosure that attaches to the back of the house with the bedroom window being used as a kitty door, but until then he'll just have to suffer the horrible life of a very pampered inside kitty :laughing2
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