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hello there how is everybody doing today well i am doing somewhat fine i have a question how do you read things around here like when you leave a message and wait for a respond for it how can you track it down?
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Hello & welcome!

If you want to track responses to your post then when you type it up, there is an option at the bottom you can click for e-mail notification. If you do that before sending your thread/post, you get sent e-mails for every reply you get & a link to that reply.
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welcome, welcome !!!!! :icecream: http://www.mysmilies.com/?cat=kaos&page=9 .............and ENJOY!!
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Welcome to TCS You keep posting here and you will have to change your name from lonely to ........oh I don't know - something else!
Enjoy your time here!
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Hi lonely
Welcome to The Cat Site!
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thank you very much everyone!

This is a great help to me i have learn a lot more about the cat's.
The color is very important to me and also the personality of the cat too, but my cousin has recently passed away and his favorite color was orange and i have decided to buy a orange cat, it might be a little cruel for what i am doing but i do love cats and i am facinated of there way of thinking and attitude it reminds me of a person.
Thank you for answering my questions i really a apreciated.

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Are you going to go to a shelter? Do you want long or short hair? I'm sorry about your cousin - were you close? Lonely is too sad... you should change your name and get a cat then you won't be lonely! :tounge2:
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Hi Lonely,
WELCOME. I am new to the site too, Cool Huh! Just from personal experiance, and nothing else, when I was younger, I had to have a money cat, i went around looking at shelters and color was the most important thing! Wrong! For me anyway. I got the money cat and pardon my french, she was a bitch! So from then on I decided to go for personality first and color second. Like I said just my experiance. But every orange cat I have run into have been super friendly, maybe it's there nature, I don't know!
So Sorry to hear about your cousin...time & kitties heal all wounds.

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yes, i did go to a shelter but there was none they hardly had any cats they had rabbits. i went to several shelters already and could not find any. yes, i was close to my cousin he was like my older brother to me he was always there for me and i love that and i miss him so much. well i wan't a short hair cat but i also would not mind a long hair cat either i just really want him to be orange and the rest it is okay. people told me already that orange cats are somethimes males so that is okay with me i dont mind. yes, when i find a my cat my name might change because i won't be that lonely no more i will have a baby to love and care ( i am talking about the cat).
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yes i know the color of the cat should not matter but it does matter to me right now but i would not mind the cat to have other colors in him that will also be nice too. i just want the cat to have some orange in him that will also just be fine too.:tounge2:
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Hi lonely,

As adymarie told you, you can receive email notification to any thread you have started or posted in by choosing that option in your User CP Options. Just a friendly warning, if you post a lot, it sure can jam up your email box.

Any thread in any forum with the arrow next to its title has had new posts since you last visited the site. Threads with new posts also get moved to the top of the list.

Hope that was at least somewhat helpful.
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i think i got the hang of it thank you every body
i love this site i am learning so much in here.
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