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Kittens from two litters

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I adopted Bella three weeks ago from the Humane Society, and never dreamed that I'd want another kitten. Bella is 12 weeks old, and very well behaved most of the time.

The boys upstairs came to my door one night about a week ago, to ask me if she'd escaped, because there had been a kitten crying in the bushes for at least 12 hours. They caught the kitten (I'll name it if I can keep it), and brought it to me. I think that the foundling is about six weeks, but it was so undernourished when they found it that I don't know for sure. I've had it in the bathroom, which is the only room in my apartment that is shut off, for about a week, but Bella just isn't warming up to it. I tried leaving them separated until she showed interest, I tried exchanging scents, I tried only feeding Bella in the presence of the other kitten, and right now I'm trying the vanilla trick. Nothing seems to be working, though.

And when I say that the two aren't getting used to each other, I mean that Bella treats the poor little kitten like it's one of her toy mousies. She bites its face, she bunny-kicks it, and she won't let it run away from her. While the little kitten does chase Bella a bit, when it's not being mangled, Bella is the definite agressor, and starts all of the fights.

I thought that terretorial instinct was something for older cats, not kittens. Is there anything I can do besides give them more time?
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Originally Posted by GirlieQ
And when I say that the two aren't getting used to each other, I mean that Bella treats the poor little kitten like it's one of her toy mousies. She bites its face, she bunny-kicks it, and she won't let it run away from her. While the little kitten does chase Bella a bit, when it's not being mangled, Bella is the definite agressor, and starts all of the fights.
Looks like rough play. Has the kitten been hurt? The fact that he chases Bella sometimes, he may actually like it.
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A couple of times, the little kitten has been shaking when I break them up. It doen't show any hesitation about coming into the living areas, though, and it knows that Bella is around.

Then again, it does sometimes make a high-pitched squeak, which Bella ignores, which sounds like it's in pain.

I just don't want it to get hurt. It's so small, and Bella is so much larger.


I just fed them their breakfast, and I realized something. Bella might not be playing, but the little kitten sure is. He wasn't hungry right away, so he started playing with the toys. Only when Bella was done eating did it get rough. And it did get overly rough. Bella let it go when the little kitten squeaked, but then she chased right after it. It obviously wanted to get away, but she wouldn't let it.

And as a note, Bella probably weighs twice as much.
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It's only been a week, right? And that poor little kitten is probably still recovering from being on the street. (BTW, have you gotten it checked out at the vets yet?)

It does sound like they are playing. I think you should keep them seperate during the day when you aren't there, and maybe allow them small play times when you are. But break it up when the poor little one squeeks.
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The little kitten was actually pretty well recovered after the first day or two. It might not have been feral, as it didn't have fleas, and it looked like it had once been well cared for. It's main issue right now is that it hates being stuck in my tiny bathroom.

When I let it out (with Bella barracaded in the bedroom), it likes to play with the toys, and it seems very well-ajusted.

And I have had it at the vet. I told my vet that I don't want to know the sex, though, until Bella decides that I can keep it.

Edit: When I break them up, should I put the little one back in the bathroom for a while, or let them return to 'playing'?
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It seems to me it should depend on how rough it gets. You may even want to put Bella back in the bedroom and let the little one play around some.

Just my thoughts though, I'm no expert. You should definately give it more than a week though.
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well... if you think about it see... when she was in the shelter... she seems to have been young enough to be put with her siblings or other young cats, am I right?

If so.. then maybe she is just playing with the kitten the way she played with th eother kittens in the shelter.

I mean.. the same thing might happen with a dog... if you introduce a puppy, it will want to play and not really be aware of the fact that the puppy cant fight back as much.

Belle is probably just asserting her dominance as well. Once the kitten gets larger (since they are only 6 weeks or so apart) he/she will be able to hold his/her own against Belle.

When I got my kitten Aerowyn, she was six weeks old. My other cat, Elliot, was two years old. I waited a week like you have already, and then another, and finally I figured they were ok to play together, and they were

But Elliot is way different from belle... my cats look like they play rough but he is really gentle with her and doesnt hardly even bite or scratch though they look like they are really getting into it. And if she squeaks he stops immediately.

I would reccommend putting Belle in the bathroom so the little kitten can play a bit in peace.

And about the rabbit kicking... do you notice Belle having her claws out????

When mine rabbit kick each other, their claws stay inside so they arent hurting each other.

When she is playing roughly witht he kitten, get out a sock or her favorite toy and distract her in playing with that. You can give the kitten a toy too to play with.

Those toys on a string likd "Da Bird" and stuff are really good for distracting. I had to use toys like that with mine when Ari was younger because SHE would beat the crap out of elliot since she didnt know that you werent supposed to really bite hard or use your claws in the "fighting game"

Belle also might just be excited to have a new playmate!

But I really think she just doesnt understand how to play less rough yet, as she is a kitten herself. When they both get older, they should mellow and play in a safer way so as to not hurt each other.

If belle was rabbit kickign the kitten with her claws out no doubt there would be alot of scratches and bleeding. Most likely if there are no scratches she looks like she is playing rough but isnt hurting the kitten too much.

The biting the face is worrysome. If she starts rabbit kicking or biting the kittens face, or if he squeals.. seperate them and tell Belle "NO" and put her in the bathroom for a while.
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Well, itty kitty just got another bath, to rid it of the last of the outdoor-cat smell. Bella seemed pretty calm about me holding it in my lap (in the towel), and they had a bit of a romp afterwards... actually, the itty kitty started it all, going after Bella's tail. Could I have taught itty kitty that Bella is a threat?

Neither of them have scratches... Actually, I'm the only one in the house with scratches at the moment. I'm just worried that Bella is going to crush the kitten's larynx, or perminantly injure its eyes.

Bella was in a cage with two of her siblings when I found her at the Humane Society. They seemed to get along well, and she seemed a bit lonely after I brought her home. I would have grabbed one of her other siblings, but I couldn't afford to right then.

Maybe I'm just not patient enough to do this!
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I thought I'd post an update, since they seem to have made some real progress.

Bella doesn't attack the itty kitty as soon as she sees it anymore, although she will if itty kitty goes after her tail. Itty kitty seems to have mellowed a bit, and chases Bella less this afternoon than it did this morning.

Then again, they've been napping this afternoon, so maybe the constant fighting all morning just wore them down.
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We kept Bijou and Mika separated for a whole month but with supervised visits every day, several times a day. They played rough and Bijou is twice the size of Mika and sometimes Mika would cry out and we would firmly say "No Bijou" and he would stop. Then Mika would start chasing him so we just kept an eye on them. After the month, we allowed them to be together without supervision. They are fine - they do play rough sometimes, but nobody gets hurt and they sort each other out. Then they'll go lay down together and sleep with each other.

Just be patient - sometimes it takes more time with some kitties, but well worth the wait when you see them cuddled up together.
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I'm still going to keep them separated while I'm at work, and during the night for a while, but they're getting along great today. They're currently eating out of the same dry-food bowl, even though I've set two out.
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I'd like to post a couple of pictures... they're getting along great tonight.

I think that Bella realized that itty kitty is just a small, furrier version of her.

Bella went to go take her before-bedtime nap on the ironing board while itty kitty was wearing itself with a toy, and then itty hopped up. I was worried that itty would bother her, because that's what they were doing earlier, but itty just lay down a couple inches away from Bella. When Bella noticed, she edged a bit closer to itty, and then itty edged a bit closer to Bella... Bella's the one who finally got up to find a better snuggle position.

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awwwwwwww theyre so cute. at first i couldnt find the other head but then i saw it, :P. lol theyre so cute in that ironing board. good thing u showed a pic
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Oh they look sooo sweet together! I'm glad they are getting along better now. Good luck!
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So what is the new cat's name and sex... Sure sounds like you are keeping it!!!
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Well, the vet went on vacation for the holiday weekend, so I'm calling him as soon as he opens tomorrow morning to find the gender.

I'm thinking Raelin or Isolde if it's a girl, and Rowen or Shay if it's a boy. I'll probably write the names on cards and let it pick, though. That seems to work well enough with other things. Like the seat covers I made yesterday. Bella picked between the last two fabric selections, and I'd say by the use they've already recieved, she chose right.
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It's a boy!

And his name is Rowen.

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