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Is everything going the way it should?

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Hi Cool Kats!!!

My introduction of my new kitty is still in the infant stage with my 2 resident kitties. I need some advise.

It has been about 1 month since new kitty has been brought home. I kept her separate through a screen for about a week. Then the screen came down but the litter and food are still separate in her room. My 2 cats are still really unhappy. The one kitty stares into the room all day, is really grumpy towards me and growls at me and the new kitty all of the time. My other kitty pretty much stays away from the new kitty but gets into the action with hissing when she comes upstairs and sees her.

I am trying to be very patient and not be upset by my resident cats' behavior, but I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing keeping the litter and food separate still.

It has gotten a little better. Occasionally all three can be in one room without too much stress.

I am also able to leave them alone without separating them.

HOW MUCH LONGER???? My stress level rises with each passing week.
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Unfortunately with some cats these things can take time. You have been doing everything right so just have a little more patience and it should all come together. It may be months before they are completely comfortable but if they are already being able to be together in one room, and/or be left alone without too many problems then things are looking good.

Try also swapping their scents on different blankets or their sleeping areas etc - this can help them settle down.

The other thing it might help to try is a Feliway diffuser - this can have a very calming effect on cats.

Are your cats male, female or a combination?
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My cats are all spayed females. I have used the Feliway diffuser since the day I brought new kitty in. I was just concerned that this behavior pattern would continue FOREVER.

Sometimes I think that one of my residents cats wants to play with the new kitty, but the new kitty is so intimidated by now that it doesn't work out. I try to get them to interact with each other playing with a string. Sometimes it works out with one of the resident kitty and new kitty, but other times the two resident kitties just stare at new kitty while she plays and plays.

Thanks for your reply. I'll keep hanging in there because I love them all!!!
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