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This may sound a bit trite, but does anyone use a bell other than the one that comes on most collars? I really wanted to get this bell:

For their collars, since the cheap ones tinny sound irritates me after a while and without bells I tend to fall over cats left and right. There's also one I've seen that is several bells on a single charm. I want something like a mini cowbell, so it will ring, but not *jingle*....does that make sense?
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U better watch out that the kitty doesn't start mooing instead of meowing

sorry for the joke

How big are these bells? I know normal cowbells are usually quite heavy, even smaller ones...
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I think they would be a bit loud for me never mind the poor cats
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I've seen those before and think they're adorable... when I was in Germany and Austria in high school I bought an authentic cow bell and that's what they remind me of... I would say if it's about the same size as a cat collar bell then it would work.... dont want it to be too heavy - I'd get one, but being the poor college student I am, Oliver will have to stick to the ones that come on the collar.... his also klinks against his ID tag, so it's a little different sound
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Sadly the smaller one is 2 inches tall to its far too big for a cat...
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I take the bell off of my kitties collars. They wear 2 ID tags ea. that tinkle together when they move.
That is enough sound for them.
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Thought I'd share what I decided on....
After being unable to find a cat bell like I want, I looked up "Silver bell" on ebay and a bunch of bells meant for charm bracelets came up. They're not really that expensive (depending on the bell of course) and are pretty...I suppose I do run the risk that instead of ringing they'll just have that tinny knocking sound, but I'll chance it I guess!
Man my cats are spoiled. 20 dollar collars and now this!
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