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My kitten has recently been scratching at my blankets as if he's trying to dig a hole in them. It's not biscuit-making....it's the same action that happens when he tries to cover up the smell of his food and paws at the tile floor. I thought they only did this as a reaction to smells. I'm concerned because if its a precursor to using the bathroom, as is digging in the litterbox...I certainly don't want that happening on the blankets I sleep in.
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Kittens can do this when they feel the need to go to the toilet, and there might be a smell on your bed that stimulates this need when he is near. When he does it gently place him in his box and see if he produces anything. If so, it could just be a sign to you that he's still getting used to his potty-training. How old is he?

Also, he could be trying to sharpen his claws - does he have scratching posts?
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He's almost 6 months and has excellent litterbox habits. He has a turbo scratcher and is pretty good about using it- occasionally I catch him try to scratch furniture, but not too often. He's not the brightest kitten in the world, I hate to say...
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We have had cats do that to make a "nest" for a nap.

Ann & Jim
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My beautiful Siamese, Suzie, used to do that so I would lift the covers and she could get under to sleep next to my tummy.
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