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Is this a bad problem?

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I am a new member of this group, and hope I can get some advice. I just adopted a cat a week ago--4yr old, spayed when she was almost one. I was told by the foster mom that she was given up because her previous' owner's other cats have been chasing her. She is quite shy, but lately she has been wanting me to pet her all the time when I am home--which is no problem. But the problem is while petting her, she would invariably roll to her side and extend both of her front paws (as if she is stretching), claws all stuck out towards me. One time the claws almost hit my eyes since I was lying down next to her. And when I retreat and stop petting her, she would move her body (and her extended claws) towards me, asking for more petting. Is this normal? My previous cat didn't do that. How can I stop her from hitting me with her sharp claws?

Also, when I am giving her a treat, she likes to use her paw with claws extended to swipe it from my hands. She does not display other predatory behavior. For example, she is afraid of cat toys that I move around. She does not chase things, and has not tried to do anything with my fishtank except for looking. She is real shy--when there is something that makes her uncomfortable, like the toy, she will run to her bed. I don't know why she likes to use her paws so often.

Any suggestions, experts?
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Some cats are just like that. They all have different ways of doing things. I have one who does this all the time. The only advice I can give you is to make sure you keep her nails trimmed.I am sure over time, (its only been a week) that she is going to be less skiddish with certain things.
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I agree with Sandie (as usual). This is not a behavior to worry about. Once she gets used to you (and you to her) you both will be able to anticipate when the claws will be a problem and will avoid them. If she sees that you stop petting her when she reaches toward your face, she will eventually stop doing it. So, just give her time.

Bravo to you for adopting this poor shy kitty!
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yeah - Annie.........

My Loki does the same thing he has no clue about keeping his claws retracted (I have the war wounds to match.) He never tries to hurt, he would not know how, he really is a gentle soul but he is clueless when it comes to his claws. I try to keep them as short as possible - hmmmm he is due now for a trim. However my mothers Piper never shows her claws. Very different personalities. The key is time, plenty of attention and patience. She'll get used to things and you'll get used to each other. You'll be able to read her like a book. Yeah for the for adopting such a sweet baby.
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Romeo (aka Cat Who is Black)used to freak people out by jumping up to get a tidbit out of their hand - he would grab your hand w/his paws (no claws, really, maybe just enough to get a good hold) and eat it out of your hand. I would laugh, because people would think the cat was gonna attack them and freak out and then they would realize he wasn't. He would just grab your hand, as if to steady it, and eat the food.... he was awesome... I miss him terrible.

Jinx (my new Cat, cat, cat who is Black)does the stretchy thing.... I thought at first there was something wrong w/him, but he just stretches and sticks his front paws out waiting for you to pat his belly.....

verrry ccccuuuttteeee kidden!
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Thanks for all the useful response! You guys are great! I'm glad this is normal cat behavior. I guess I'll discourage her from doing the scratchy thing by stop petting her when she sticks her claws at me. Hope that she'll learn in time. I plan on trimming her claws later.. but right now I think that would frighten her...

Thanks again!
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