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I Fell in Love Today

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I've been searching for that kitty with whom it just...clicks.
Without going into too much detail here, cause you can find most of the story in this thread, today I found my boy.

The kitten I was supposed to get, didn't end up happening. I even had a name for him. But well, that just means the search continues. I looked at the humane society here, but no one struck me.

I dropped by a pet store, as they said they had a siamese mix and this was what I was generally looking for. It's a place to start anyway. So I go in, not hoping for too much. This is one of those mom and pop places that still sell puppies and kittens; in fact I think it's the only place left in Boulder that does that. I always pity those poor little animals. They never look very healthy. So I wasn't hoping for much.

The first little man I saw, stole my heart. He sat in the back, twice the size of any other kitten there. He had the saddest, amber little eyes. He came to the cage bars the moment he saw me, headbutting my hand, purring. I took him out and he snuggled my neck, purring still. I put him down, he sat on my little backpack purse and looked up at me.

I asked the clerk, how old he was. I figured 4, maybe 5 months.
He's 11 weeks old.
He's nearly the size of Pansy, the 5 year old abyssinian.
His paws are so huge, he trips over them. His legs look like stalks for a much bigger cat.
And he has half a tail. I'm told this is a "birth defect" that all his relatives have. 2 other kittens were in there from the same father. He dwarfed them. Besides color, they barely looked alike besides the missing tail.

So I fell in love with this orange boy. Well. I thought he was orange. In the pet store, he was. He stank too, poor boy. I got him home, gave him a bath. This little boy, who cried the whole way home, gets into a brand new home with a purebred priss who's hissing at him, and he stands there patiently and let's me bathe him without fuss at all. He's awesome. When he dried off and I brushed him gently, he turned out to be far more blondish than orange. Such a handsome boy. And I usually don't really like orangish kitties.

Now I'm struggling to find a name. Because "Blu" isn't gonna fly with this boy. I'm actually wondering if he doesn't have maine coon in him, from the shape of his face and his sheer size. His temperament is so loving, so calm...I've pet this boy from behind and he doesn't flinch one muscle. There is nothing nervous about this boy at all. And I just am so in love with him the more time I spend with him.
(I went on instinct buying him. I usually spend a lot more time with a kitten to get to know it, as this is a huge committment, but not this one. I spent maybe 10 minutes with him, and even then I was a little apprehensive about him, because I wanted a white cat, or a siamese mix. But i followed instinct. because it always knows best. and it was dead on right)

Here are the first pics of my lil boy, all washed up and perty.

Mama Pansy, in the first 5 minutes....

My lil boy hugging my foot. I'm still in awe over how big he is

I'm thinking Buddha for a name. But still not sure. Anyone have any suggestions for the new man in my life?

Thank you all for your support and wisdom while I sought out the right kitty to heal my heart. And they have. Pansy and my boy have made this birthday all squishy and warm and fuzzy. It's so nice to fall in love like this.
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Congrats! Sound like you found the perfect kitten for you. I LOVE big cats. I can't wait to hear all about him in the next couple weeks.

He looks like a Rascal to me. Funny because that is not a name that has ever crossed my mind before when naming my cats.

Or what about Bob? He does have a bobbed tail....

Enjoy your baby

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Congralations to you and Pansy! Your precious little boy has found you! He is absolutely gorgeous! His special little tail is just wonderful! Soon, it will seem that every kitty needs a tail just like his! What a darling, beautiful face he has! We look forward to seeing him grow up with his new family! This is a Birthday you'll remember forever!
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Oh he's SWEET! And a big boy - 11 weeks? Wow. He looks like a TCS member's cat who's name is Garfield...
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I had a gingerish kitty but When he was a baby he looked rather blonde so we called him fudge. I ended up calling him wudgie which kinda stuck and was very embarrasing when calling him lol. He got quite fat and my kids took to calling him garfield. He sadly went missing and I still hope that some kind old lady took him in cos she was lonely.

So I think Fudge or Baileys would suit your cat.
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He's just adorable! Congratulations of your new little boy
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Oh my goodness he's stunning!, and how relaxed is he!!
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awwwwwwww look at him no wonder he stole your heart!! he is only 11 weeks old? good grief he sure is big - and yes look at those paws!!! awwww he is soooooo adorable

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How 'bout Alfie? There's something "Jude Law-ish" about him to me.
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What a beautiful big boy!

I think he looks like a Garfield or Tigger
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He is so gorgeous! Yes, he does look like the TCS cat Garfield.
I think Buddha is a wonderful name- you just want to rub his fluffy tummy!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, Huggles, you're the best.

Yes, he's pretty much moved right in and called it home already. Pansy hisses but she's all talk. He comes right up to her and she makes his hilarious scrunched up face and hisses, but never raises a paw. This morning they were both sleeping on the bed with me; few feet apart but still on the same bed. Pansy's mocking him this morning - he wants to play with her so badly so he creeps up on his belly. She hisses, he turns away, and she's been batting at his tail. No anger, this is the playful look she gets when she desperately wants to bounce on something. She's been playing with her mouse around him and occasionally, he can get right up next to her before she realizes "oh wait, I'm supposed to be tough here. Right." and hisses.

Don't think it'll be too long before I have 2 rambunctous kitties tearing around my apartment. Food might be a contention...they eat each other's food at the moment, so I'm yanking Pansy's weight management food til they cut it out.
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He reminds me of Sunni, but so does's the coat and that sweet little face! He looks as if he's settling right in!
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I am so happy for the both of you!!! He is beautiful!!! I like "buddha"!!
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He's beautiful, and I love his unique tail. I think that picture of Pansy in the first 5 minutes. She looks none too happy.
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Originally Posted by SMOKEYNBANDIT
I had a gingerish kitty but When he was a baby he looked rather blonde so we called him fudge. I ended up calling him wudgie which kinda stuck and was very embarrasing when calling him lol. .
Don't worry...Glory's nickname that she went by most of the time was Beans. I think wudgie sounds cute!

I'm voting for Garfield too. He has the look. Congratulations on your new boy!
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Oh he is BEAUTIFUL!!! He is a big boy, isn't he?
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