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Question about worms

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Good Evening everyone!

I swear my week cant get any worse....busy work week, stressed over this hurricane, and now my Prada has worms!

Thank goodness she has a vet appointment on Saturday morning for her coughing/dry heaving but not spitting up (which we are thinking hairballs) but now that we saw worms in her stoole, i dont know. She had worms as a baby, and we got her dewormed, and i always check. she is a little over 1 now, and i saw little white worms crawling in her diareah. They were thinner from the "rice" like worms she had before, and the vet told me it was tape worm (she was kept outside until we adopted her and made her an in door cat) but now im reading on the net and im not sure if its tape or round...what causes round??

Another thing, my little Tobie has hard stoole, and I see nothing in his...and they use the same litter boxes.

I need advice....looks like both of them are going to the vet Saturday morning!
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Tapworms are caused by fleas and eating rodents and small birds.

Roundworms are found typically in kittens if the mom has been infected. The worm larvae can migrate to the lungs and live there until the kitten or cat starts coughing them up. They can also get into the intestine and be seen in the stool. They look like spaghetti noodles while tapes look like kernels of rice.
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sry for hearing ur having such a tough week hope it gets beter
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dang, then that could be what she has been trying to cough up...but then again, she has been doing this coughing thing for months (but its now getting worse) and i have been checking her when she goes to the bathroom since she had them when we adopted her last oct. Oh gosh, I am going to be worried until I get her to the vet Saturday....i just hope the little one does get it.

Im going to try to dscribe the worms i saw tonight...they were white and about the size of a grain of rice or a little longer....very skinny and round....but not long at all... and they were moving. (sorry just getting ideas)
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They are tape worms, when you take your cat to the vet talk to the vet about using Advantage or Frontline every month. Even strictly indoor cats can get fleas and fleas cause disease as well as worms.
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thank you, that is what i that can at least ease my mind to get through friday (can you tell they are like my children) happy i found this group...i love ya'll!!!


Sweet Dreams
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Thank you everyone for your answers....i just wanted to tell you about the vet that way if anyone else has these questions they will hear what my vet had to say...

Thank goodness Prada is okay, he said it is just hairballs that she wont cough up....he said she is very healthy and everything is okay. He did give her a cortozone shot to help ease her coughing and told me that ANY over the counter meds for hairballs is okay, is long as its thick and pasty like tooth will do the same thing...lubricate her.

He also gave her a shot to get rid of the Tape Worm...and he educated me today...this is something i never other cat wont get the tape worm by using the same litter....the only way a cat can get a Tape Worm is eating a flea that has injested it....Tobie (the litttle one) can even eat part of the worm and wont get it...!

the vet i went to was very helpful....and the whole thing was only $72 which made me happy too!

Thanks everyone, just wanted to tell you how it went!
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quick note. there is a newer product out here in canada. it is like advantage in its application but can be used on tiny kittens. not only does it control fleas but also worms , ticks etc.. it is an excellent product and will even survive water. you use it once a month. i am quite impressed with it. it is called revolution.
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We have noticed for the past two or three days that someone (we have three cats) has been coughing and/or throwing up. Normally its a night when we are sleep. But yesterday and this morning we found vomit with little white pieces of what looked like noodes. Im assuming this is a worm and she is choking them up. We dont know who but have one adult and two kittens. They are all eating and drinking from what we can tell. ANY HELP? We tried to worm the kittens when we got them (6 weeks ago) but obviously it didnt work. What should we ask for when we take them to the vet?
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Round worms I'm guessing, they will need to be wormed again more then likely, but if I were you I would get something from your Vet, because alot of the things over the counter are not good for them, some of those over the counter products can make them very ill. Good luck
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We think they are roundworms from the look of them and she is choking them up and not pooping them out. We are taking her to the vet but Im not sure what worm meds are best. We wormed them with what the breeder gave us when we took them home. Any suggestions till we can get them in (this is a national holiday)????
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I don't really know of anything that wouldn't come from a Vet, but someone with more knowledge should be along to help out
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get them to the vet as soon as you can, it can wait til after monday, but do it this week....they just need another dewormer...and it will get worse if you dont get it... dont get over the counter deffinitly want to get it from the vet....
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Just thought I'd post quick to say that even if your kits are totally indoors, it's still a good idea to use frontline or Advantage against fleas, especially if you live in a warm climate. (dunno bout cool ones....)

Mitts is an indoor cat but also had worms earlier this summer. My vet says that in Taiwan it is very common in summer as for some reason fleas are every where at this time. Something about 90degree temps everyday for 4-5 months.....
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^^^my vet said the same thing, that i should use that every month in the summer...up to 4 months if not more to make sure all the fleas are gone and the eggs.
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