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Queso the Texas Victim

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As I posted in another thread, there was a stray cat by the name of Queso who was murdered by two college athletes last year. Here is the trails for the two murderers:

Dear Friends of Queso,

This is just a reminder that the hearing for Derek Brehm is at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 30, 2002. If any of you are able to attend, it would go a long way in showing support. Even though it is a pre-trial hearing, we need the court and the hallways of the courthouse jammed with as many Queso supporters as possible. At Clint Bowers' pre-trial hearing, there were many supporters of Derek Brehm and Clint Bowers. We need Queso supporters at this upcoming pre-trial hearing on Wednesday, as well as Bowers' trial on 4/1/2002 and Brehm's trial when it is scheduled. This case is being monitored around the world, and we need to make a good showing.

On another note, the Waco Tribune Herald has been just wonderful in supporting our cause for poor Queso. Some of you already know, but if you did not know, or if you need a reminder, the paper publishes a letter about Queso at least once a week.

Here is one dated Saturday, 1/26/2002.
"Tough justice"

Child welfare professionals can tell you that people who are capable of committing atrocities against a helpless, harmless animal are equally capable of harming a helpless, harmless child or elderly person.

(Stray cat) Queso didn't get a chance to plea bargain for her life, or even a humane death.

Those who committed this vile and disgusting crime deserve nothing less than the maximum punishment allowed by law.

They should also be required to undergo extensive therapy - or a few days in a den of hungry lions.

Waco, Texas
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For those of you who don't know about Queso, here is his story:

Since the players' arrests on March 9 for killing and decapitating the cat, District Attorney John Segrest and Goble have been flooded with e-mails from animal lovers across the nation. Many of the messages cry out for "justice for Queso," which is the name that some employees at Taco Cabana reportedly gave the homeless cat who hung around the restaurant looking for food.

Prosecutor Crawford Long said his office has made no offers to Brehm or Bowers. He declined additional comment on the cases Tuesday.

Waco police arrested the two baseball players shortly after receiving a report of a gunshot near Taco Cabana, 825 S. Sixth St., about 4 a.m. Officers were told that someone shot a cat, put it in a sports utility vehicle and drove away.

Not far away, police stopped Bowers' Chevrolet Tahoe and discovered what they thought was blood on the door and steering wheel. While searching the truck, police found a severed, skinned cat's head in the back. They also found a pellet gun, a knife and a golf club that appeared to have cat hair on it, police have said.

Hunt said Tuesday that he disputes the contention that the players tortured the cat.

"The cat was shot and it was skinned after it was dead," Hunt said. "They are alleging animal cruelty by torturing a cat. That is no more torture than if a deer hunter is out hunting and shoots a deer and it doesn't die instantly. Does that mean that he has tortured the deer? I don't think so."

Both players have been disciplined by the university. However, university officials have declined to disclose what action was taken against the students.

Baylor baseball coach Steve Smith suspended both players for eight games about two weeks after their arrests.

By the way, one of the players have been kicked off the team for another arrest(drunk driving).
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Oh, what nice boys. I hope they get a fast ball in the.....

Oh, and drunk driving. A stellar performance! Oh, If I have children, I want them to be just like them. How proud their parents must be. What a bunch of freaking idiots. I totally believe, like the other .... I can't say it here..... in Cali, in The "End", they will get what they deserve.
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Is there anyway for us out of staters to show our outrage?

Email would probably be the fastest!

I would love to send a little of my opinion their way, and I'm a Texan!

Don't mess with Texas! And that includes our pets!
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I would like more information so that I can write and/or call to voice my disgust. Please post contact information, or email to me directly.
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Here is the website that will take you. First click it, then go to the top of the page that says Cases. Click it, then scroll down until you see a big list of animal victims. Max is there and so is Queso. Click on Queso and it will take you to him. If you scroll down the page, you can come to the part that says Justice for Queso. Click it and it will take you directly to his page. I hope this helps.Protect the Innocent
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Thanks for the link. What horrible people are in our world.
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What Derek Brehm and Clint Bowers did to poor Queso *is* horrible. We now know when Derek Brehm's trial date is--it's March 18, 2002.

Now, let's just hope that these trials don't get continued several times as is often the case. I hope that justice will be served and be served swiftly.

I just can't believe these guys think that what they did is all right. Unbelievable.

If anyone is interested, I manage a Queso update list, and I send out updates as they occur in the case. To sign up, just send me an email at jamiej7@bellsouth.net, and I'll add you to the list.

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Dallasnews.com is publishing an email I sent in behalf of Queso. It can be found in the Opinions/Letters under read letters February 13.

At least it is a step in the right direction...
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Is it going to be in the paper, too? I'll buy one if it is (usually get just the Fort Worth paper).
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No.. just at their website...the part they call cyberletters. I am sure you can locate it using the date...if not, I can email a copy. I was just excited that they included it !!
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nintho, I found it. Good job!
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