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What do you do for the people you love?

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What's something sweet and romantic you have done for your loved one? I love hearing other people's stories about things they have done or things they have had done for them.

Share please!!
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My boyfriend is the king of doing sweet things for me...and I'm not talking about going out and buying me things..it's the little things for example:

In the winter he will clean off my car for me and draw a heart on the windshield

I think that's very romantic
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Oh isn't that lovely?

My brother once wrote `I love you' in socks on the floor of the lounge room so his fiancee would see it when she got home. I thought that was very sweet
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I just love the sweet emails my husband sends me during the day, when we are working!

I like to leave my office and bring him lunch without him knowing ahead of time. I love to see his smile when he sees me walk in the door!
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I'm really excited because Brendan's birthday is September 11th and I just got his gift in the mail today! I bought him a gift certificate to a local spa (in Winter Park) called Alkemy for a deluxe facial and a half hour massage! I know he's going to love it and he's never done anything like it for himself. I'll also be cooking him a nice meal, though I haven't decided what to make yet. I think he's oging to flip when he sees that gift certificate!!

As for small gestures, Brendan will sometimes buy me a certain candy bar when he goes grocery shopping because he remembers that I was drooling over the commercial a couple of days before. Sometimes when I'm cooking in the kitchen or getting frazzled over something not going right he'll come up to me and start singing a song, take my hands, and we'll slow dance around the living room (he's a good dancer, if I do say so myself). He's really great with the little things.

My favorite thing to do for him is to buy him a 6-pack of a really nice beer that he loves after I know he's been through a long day. I like to have it waiting for him in the fridge when he comes over after the frustrating day.
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charlie sang happy birthday to me one morning,and as i opened my eyes he was dancing around the bottom of the bed naked as he was singing
but the best thing was he said he loved me in a loud voice in the middle of a bikers shop in front of a load of grizzly looking bikers
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.... that´s a really romantic and great points!

1.- I open the car door to her when we go out even if we go to the grocery store...
2.- I try to send her flowers but in not special date...I like to surprise her!
3.- I try to buy something that I know that she like like a CD or Card and I hide in home.......when she found it it has a post! "Sorprised my love you found a treasure only for you!"...
4.- and We lie in a hammock and put some CD of her preference and Chat and Chat by hours if we can.........

that are some things that I´ll do for my Girl!....

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My boyfriend and i get to see eachother only on the weekends b/c we live in different states...he'll leave little notes in places that i'll find later...really makes me feel special!
I always have a hot home cooked meal for him when he arrives here...and when i arrive there he always takes me out for dinner.
We do alot of little things for eachother! To me, the small things count more than the bigger things!
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My husband insists on making my lunch for me to take to work. Often he'll stick an I love you note in there, or $$, or a treat of some kind.
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My boyfriend brings me flowers at least once a week with chocolate...He never lets me carry any bags, opens doors for me, even the door to our apartment. He is also an angel for putting up with my pms every month, without saying a word.

But the sweetest thing was, when I had my foot surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 4 days right before christmas, he was there all 4 days, sleeping in a chair next to me. The painkillers were making me sick, he would hold my hair, and massage my shoulders. He brought me magazines and read me the articles(from Glamour magazine) out loud, because I was too drugged up and the letters were blurry. I fell asleep after 3 -4 sentences, but when I woke up he was still reading out loud from another page
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