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Hello to cat lovers and feline freinds!
I am a firm believer that cats of all ages can be trained, but this is not the same as dogs, sit, heel, speak, though some cats have been known to as well. This is more of a behavioral correction so that these tempered, easily intimidated creatures can live harmoniously in our structured lives with out infliction on their lives. This works at it's highest when based on a bond between us and them and the over all outcome is a closer, loving, respectful relationship.
First take the time to think kitten would instead of what they are doing. Remember that if you have a kitten, you are the mother now and sometimes need to care for them as a cat-a-mom, now all play, rules of physical respect(especially if one kitten), and grooming is up to you!
Kittens need lots of play! It is instinctive nature for them to hunt, climb, catch, and we need to fufill these urges, especially if they are buddyless. Personal experience has shown me that often the cheapest toys are the best! String, shoelaces, bags (avoid ones with handles), things you don't mind them playing with. This helps seperate what is ok to play with from off limits. Designated play areas are good as well, this helps you teach them where it is ok and off bounds to play. When kittens are allowed sometimes but not all the time it's confuses them and makes it harder for us to show them boundaries.
Physical respect has to be shown to kittens as well. Often when there is two or more kittens they take care of this for us, but when this does not work or they are single it is up to us. We are replacing mom and can use some of their techniques as well when play gets to ruff, holding them firmly down till they relax, push them over on their side, walking away (they don't like to be playless!). When these methods don't work there are a few tricks we can use that are very human and work! Blowing in their faces works very well when they start biteing or get worked up Spray bottles with water that are adjustable for a range of distance,this allows you to get them unexpectedly chewing on something they should'nt be or climbing where it is off bounds.

Another thing that should always be shown to them from a young age is that when you are holding them they are safe! We need to think just in case something ever happens and we need to grab our cat and run they have to understand we are helping them. Many cats hate to be held and will freak when taking them out of their home environment. This is why we need to assure them that it is ok to stay in our arms. Sometimes this is not so easy but can be accomplished by not letting down till they fully relax useing what method works best for you and your kitten.
Traveling with your kitten is the make or break difference of your cats future car fears! Even going to the post office, anything that does'nt require leaving them in the car alone is extremely beneficial to them feeling comfortable traveling and helps your bonding relationship, as well as it's not always a trip to the vets!
Cats of all ages will have some ability to learn new tricks but we can't expect anything and everything! Spray bottles are probably more useful here but we do not want to make them hate us in the process. Rewarding your cat when they listen is something that helps them understand it's not them it is what they are doing that upsets you. Treats or a good grooming, playing, talking, whatever your cat gets the most gratification from.
Sometimes we must think like a cat to really understand why they do the things they do, but a simple return of respect to them will help us recieve the same and ultimately a deep loving relationship will always be there!