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Stupid PB&J Question

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I can't believe I'm asking this, but I really don't know.

Do pre-made PB&Js have to be refrigerated? I know not for kids' lunches, but what about for up to 24 hours? You keep jelly in the fridge.

I want to take some on a trip but already have too much stuff to put in the smaller cooler we want to take.
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I'd say you're safe. I never died from eating one that sat in my lunchbox all day. At least it's not mayo.
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You don't have to refrigerate it Even jelly's okay without being in the fridge...I've eaten it with no problems!

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The only jelly you should have to worry about not refrigerating is a jelly without a preservative. The all natural jellies have to be kept cold in order to stay safe. PBJ's are a favorite among hikers and backpackers
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Thanks! What a dumb question, huh!

I just didn't want to keep them cold if I didn't have to.

I haven't had one in years and years, and all of a sudden yesterday I got a craving, bought the stuff and have had 3 in 2 days. Weird, and no, I'm definately not pregnant. Then I thought they'd be good to take on my trip, and yay, they are!

:icecream: :baloon:

I just love the smilies here!
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Are you bringing cold drinks and such? As long as it isn't carbonated, I freeze the drinks and pack the sandwiches near them. Kinda tough to do in a backpack, though not impossible, depends on how squished you like your sandwiches . . .
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Use honey instead. When I have to fly somewhere I take saltines, bottled water, and a PB&H sandwich in my purse. Maybe a banana.

"When things are bad and getting worse,
Keep a cookie in your purse."

That was a message in a card I once sent a friend, and I think it's good.
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Ever tried UNCRUSTABLES? They are made by smuckers and kept in the freezer section. Anyway, you take them out 8-10 hours prior to eating. They are soooo good.
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Roxy, I'm trying to feed young boys who probably won't go for the honey. I love PB & H's myself!

Uncrustables? I'll have to look for them! Thanks.
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