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help have a pregnant cat

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I need some info on a birthing cat, she may not do what is expected of her and I need to know what to do to help if I have to, any one with any sites or info . thank you so much
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Is she small for her age or just too young? Is that why you are concerned about having to help her birth them? Usually the mom cat knows how to give birth, and what you need to be aware of is that sometimes, the female will sit on her kittens and smother them. You just need to be there and move them out of the way once the sac is broken and the kitten is licked clean.

If the cat is really young, there is a possibility of many problems and you will want to call a vet and get his ideas and suggestions. Good luck!
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I moved this to the health forum so it would get noticed. You should do a search on the site for some more tips. There have been a few discussions on this over the past months. What Hissy said is true, most cats have that natural instinct.
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Yes, unless there is some problem with her, she should give birth just fine! Keep us posted! And welcome to the forums!!
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Check out this thread for previous posts on the subject

and this web page for some more explanations by a breeder of Persian cats:

Best of luck and let us know how she's doing!
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