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Need some vibes for Kiera

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I've seen the miracle that have been brought on by prayers / good vibes and well wishes from this board so if you have a second, can I ask for some for Kiera ?

Kiera is about 8 months old. She was abandonned and ended up at the SPCA. Their vet thought she might be pregnant so she was placed with us for foster care. We got her last thursday and she seemed fine, cuddly, loved to have her tummy petted. On monday she started throwing up. Every meal she ate came back up. On tuesday she didn't eat anything and on the advice of this board, I brought her to the vet. He though it was probably a cold but without hundreds of dollars of testing, he wouldn't know what the problem was and with her possible pregnancy, there's not much in the way of medicine she could safely take anyways. She looks pretty nauseous to me...

I'm monitering her closely and have started feeding her KMR and water via syringe. She did eat a bite of tuna last night.

Can I ask for well wishes from all to help Kiera feel better ?

Thanks a bunch !
Julie and Kiera
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Lots of healing vibes and prayers for Kiera! Get well soon, sweetie!
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Get well, Keira....thinking of you!!
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Sending lots of get well vibes to Kiera.
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C'mon Keira! You can eat!
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Poor Kiera. Prayers for you getting better soon.l
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I wish you andyour baby the best... and really REALLY understand how you are feeling right now...
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Can I ask for well wishes from all to help Kiera feel better ?
Absolutely Julie..prayers on their way.

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hugs and vibes for kiera
does she have fleas and/or worms???
they prob. checked for that already
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You and Kiera are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Best wishes for poor Kiera. Ih ope she feels better soon and that her kittens are OK.
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Update !

Last night, I decided to take matters into my own hands and forcefed her 15mls of KMR. She reluctantly ate it. The I showed her some tuna and SHE ATE IT !! I swear, I was sitting there on the floor with a spoonfull of tuna with tears streaming down my face watching her eat ! (must have looked like a loony). She then all the tuna that was left (about 1/4 can) and when that was done I gave her some canned food that looks like chunks in gravy and she ATE THAT TOO !! (at some point I was worried she'd burst !)

She didn't eat anything else last night but this morning, she tried a bit more cat food. I am cautiously optimistic ! The lip-licking has gone down and the nauseous look too.

We may not be out of the woods yet but the relief I felt last night was huge ! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your well wishes and prayers ! I told Kiera all about you guys while she was eating !

Now I hope she's indeed pregnant and that the kits have survived the 4 days of no food. On the other hand, it might be better for everyone (Kiera's health and the general cat over population) that she not be pregnant...

Thank you ! I'll keep you updated
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congratulations Julie!!! I just gave my update on my sick kitty... Im exactly an hour behind you with my kitty FINALLY eating after days!

Like you, not out of the woods yet, but YIPPYYYYYYYY... Every single improvement is something to celebrate!

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