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Less Mess Litter Box

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This is not an original idea, but I think it is worth sharing. I for one hate kitty litter trails on the floor. Get a Rubbermaid container 18-20 gallons ( $3.99 in Walmart) Cut a 8-9 inch hole in the top and fill the bottom of the container with your favorite litter. Put the top back on and you have a "top loading" litter box. We set it up about a week ago, and 4 of our 7 cats choose to use that one regularly. It took a few days for them to get the idea, but it finally caught on. There is so much less litter trail from that one than from the "front loading" one. Three of our cats continue to use the traditional one. But any reduction in the mess is appreciated by me
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That sounds like a great idea!!! I know what you mean about the mess with the front loading ones! Thanks for the tip!
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Another thing I do to cut down on litter tracking through the house is put a rubber mat down if front of it, one with grooves. Al I have to do is shake the litter that gets on it back into the litterbox once a day.
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That's also a good idea. I just use a towel, but I think a rubber mat with grooves would be much better...because some of the litter still gets kicked off of the towel.
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Mine is actually just a cheap rubber welcome mat. Looks kind of funny though "welcome" to the litterbox :laughing: I think I got it at a dollar store, a very good investment
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I like that idea of using a rubber mat or towel, too. I will try that!
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If you like the rubber mat idea, you should try the dri dek for kennels. They are raised by little tiny rubber feet so that when they come out, the litter falls through the holes and gets trapped under the mat. Its easy to vacuum and there is no litter on the top to get scattered. I beleive Jeffers is carrying the individual squares now. http://www.jefferspet.com/ssc/produc...VR6&pf_id=1298
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I spent over $10 for a stupid little mat at PetSmart. Actually my mom got it for me, and when she got home with it I realized we could have just went down to K-Mart and got some heavy duty auto mats (with the grooves). I checked at K-mart and they have a pair of the big truck mats with deep grooves for $16. With the way they are shaped, you could place one on either sie of the box and catch everyhting.
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