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Anyone else having an OFF day?!

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Okay today just absolutely SUCKED!! First I woke up with a really BAD stomach ache but still went to school.

While I was at school I was sitting with three other girls trying to make friends. First I asked this girl Jenna if I could borrow a pen while I went to History class. Well when I got out of History Jenna went into her class while I was taking a little break between classes. Well at this school we also take computer courses where we open up this page and there's two different colors of text and the "green text" is the text we have to copy on notebook paper. Jenna on the otherhand prints the pages out and puts them in a binder and copies it while sitting at a table. Well me and the 2 other girls were talking about that and they were saying that Jenna DOESN'T copy it on notebook paper. I went to pick up the notebook and show them that she does when..RIIIP I ripped the whole page in half!!!!!!!!! Then Jenna came back out and I apologized about it and she looked VERY UNHAPPY!
Well then I was doing my work still with her pen..when a fly landed on my soda bottle. So I went to go smack it with the pen..THE PEN BROKE IN HALF!!!!!!! I hear Jenna say behind me "And that was my pen!" and let me tell you I felt so HORRIBLE I started crying!! So see this is what happens when I try to make friends!!!!!

Plus not to mention awhile back I met this guy online who actually lives right down the road from me. I'm friends with his brother and his name is Adam. Well he introduced me to Matt Mayberry (Actually I already knew Matt but this was online) and he brought me into a chat with him and Matt. Well then Matt instant messaged me and was saying stuff like "Adam really likes you." and everything..and I didn't care because I don't like Adam that way. So I told Matt that I'm not interested and to just keep him from asking questions I told him a lie saying that I already have a boyfriend.(At this moment I didn't) Well when I opened the chat back up I saw Matt saying this, "She has an online boyfriend..heh..he'll be surprised once he actually SEES her." So that really ticked me off but I just blew it off. Well it turns out..I talked to Matt today..and the person on that screen name wasn't him after all. So basically someone is trying to get Matt and I into a fight.

So is anyone else having a really MESSED UP day?!
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you make me feel so old..
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Sorry to hear you're having a bad day!!!
Here's a hug!
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We all have those kinds of days once in while . Hang in there and things will be better tomorrow.
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oops i just read back to what i said.

You remind me of me when i was 13/14 gosh those days were so dreadful but when i look back i actually enjoyed it.
it is tough now, but in a few years when you go back and think and read what you wrote and said you will laugh so much.

Dont worry those days arent the worst
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You and me both Axel!
I went to take out the trash, and the bag ripped so I had a trail of kitty litter from the kitchen through the living room and out the front door. Went to get the vacuum cleaner, and it stopped working. Opened it up to find out what the problem was. The belt burnt out on it! then went into the boys room, and Deacon spilled cereal on the floor.....
When will it end
post #8 of 16 sorry for your bad day...

Get well soon!
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Awwwww! That's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! (and one of my favorite children's books )

If I were you I'd buy the girl a new pen and just forget about the online thing. Kids can be so rude!
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Everyone has days like that. Don't let it stop you from trying to make new friends though!
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fwan, she's only one year younger than you.

sorry you're having a bad day. i would have just laughed the pen thing off.
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Sometimes when bad stuff happens to you in one day it can seem just too overwhelming and even the smallest things can set you off. I've been there too. You can only go at the next day with a positive attitude and see what you can make of it.
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It must be the day to have bad days. LOL
I had clients giving me down the road all day. And of course it was all for stuff that I can't control, like the laws and policies I have to follow. This one woman called me about 6 times arguing about something that I told her the FIRST time I couldn't and wouldn't change. She gave me a MASSIVE tension headache! Had another one that moved out of state RIGHT as I was catching her up in a HUGE amount of fraud, so I've also been trying to get up with the agency in the other state so they'll know what she did here...that's been great fun, as well.
But I got my kitties, my boyfriend, my stereo and my TCS, so I'm alright.

And you know, when it's getting really crappy, just remember that it could always be worse. At least we are safe at home with power and dry floors.
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Originally Posted by fwan
oops i just read back to what i said.

You remind me of me when i was 13/14 gosh those days were so dreadful but when i look back i actually enjoyed it.
Wow, when I looked back to those days I'm SO GLAD I am not in those days at that age again!!! They were hell and I would never want to repeat them!
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They were hell - my teenaged years SUCKED I am so glad they're all behind me and 30 is here at last!!!

Axel you poor love - you know, when I was at highschool girls who were SUPPOSED to be my friends had a nickname for me (`Fart-face' I found out years later) and used to very conspicuously pass notes about me between them during class - using the initials `F.F.' to talk about me - supposedly in secret.

It was SO hurtful at the time, I couldn't bear it, but I ended up changing schools for my last two years, and was much happier there. But it wasn't until I left school and met people outside that horrible environment that I really made my good friends, and they are my best, best friends now, years and years later. Sometimes it takes growing up and getting past your teenage years and hormones and everything else before the world stops seeming so mean.

My best advice to you would be to learn how to care much less about what other people think of you - there will always be people all the time who don't like you, that's the way life is so don't sweat the small stuff. Because there will also always be people who will love you and be there for you, and they're the ones that matter.

I'm sorry for your crappy day - cheer up and think about how much fantastic time you have ahead of you, and that one day this will all seem very trivial and you will feel completely empowered and in control of your life.

There is nothing more attractive than someone who loves being who they are - and it's hard to acheive when you're in your teens, but it's really worth the effort of trying!!!

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Oh, those were "fun" years. At 37, I still drag out the notebooks that my best friend and I passed between classes. They are full of notes to one another about all our teenage angst. It's hilarious now, but back then it was our world. Hugs to you, hon. Better day tomorrow!
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