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so, how does it look?

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la! I've got a new Siggie, and I know it's a bit silly, but aww.. what could I do with such silly pics to choose from?
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That's great Denise - Ghibli looks great hanging over the building
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Godzilla Kitties I love it !
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its wonderful!
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The kitties that ate Raleigh- I love it!
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Love it!
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Love it. Very cute.
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Denise it's brilliant
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Oh Denisse! Absolutely Fantastic! ...believe me is great!!!
you do it?........oh my you must be a genious on PC! ..Congratulations!!!
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Wonderful job!
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I think it's really creative!
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Wow. it looks so cosmopolitan!!
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Great job!!, it's cool!
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Three kitties at large!
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