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Odd-Eyed Black Cats?

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Does this ever happen? I was thinking of that the other day, but can't seem to find a picture or article about one.
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It's genetically possible. Japanese Bobtail cats have a higher frequency of non-white odd-eye cats (seen red tabbies with odd eyes).

One of my first household pet cats I showed was a stunning black/white odd-eye (she was perfectly marked with deep blue and deep green eye color). She won many many ribbons and Morris trophies over the years. She was a street cat (my aunt told me about her as a kitten) and lived to be 18 yrs old.

Never seen another like her. I do know of one HHP exhibitor was so jealous she searched the shelters for years to find one like her (never did - but did find a nice black cat with blue eyes).
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Wow, I'd love to see a picture of that cat if you have one!
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Me too, I've searched forever - not seen one. I'd be instantly in love!
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I'll try to scan one of the pictures and show what she looked like.
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I saw a black and white one today with bright blue eyes, she was beautiful! Damn that collar she was wearing or I might have stolen her. Any luck on getting a picture uploaded?
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I saw this picture while satisfying my curiosity to white cats and the deafness trait....Amazing! That last thing I need is a third cat but if I saw one like this I wouldn't be able to hold back.
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We've been busy this weekend but I'll dig out the photo this week and see if hubby will help me post it.
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