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Jealous Kitty, please help.

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This is my first time on any kind of message board, and I need help. My 5 year old cat has become very mean and aggressive towards my live in boyfriend. We've been living together for a year now, and it hasn't stopped. Lewie, (my cat) has always been very sweet and loving towards me and my friends. After I'd been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months, Lewie, became very mean. At first, it was mostly just hissing, and growling. Now it is more aggressive, he attacks. He is even mean to me when my boyfriend is around. When he isn't he reverts back to himself. When my boyfriend and I are spending time together at home, say talking, Lewie will meow, very loud, and growlish like, whenever my boyfriend talks. It's almost funny because it gives you the impression he is jealous. I have been very careful to not change my behavior towards Lewie, but it's getting very hard on all 3 of us. My vet has had a couple of suggestions like having my boyfriend feed him, etc. nothing has helped. He says he's never seen this before. Not to this extent anyway, it's been a year. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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I'm no expert by any means but Fitz does seem to get jealous when I'm on the phone with guys. If I'm talking to a girl, no problem but if the caller is a man, he climbs all over me and bites at my hands wanting immediate attention. He's not aggressive with my boyfriend but he does have to be between the two of us when we're sitting on the couch.
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Any suggestion on what I can do? I haven't been able to find any solution to this. I have consulted 3 different vets. Thank you.
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Does your boyfriend like the cat (really?) Sometimes they sense that they don't. Also - has your boyfriend ever accidently stepped on him or anything? Do you guys get along well? Maybe he senses stress or something.... Not to get too personal or anything.....
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He used to like him. But now after a year of this, I think he's getting pretty fed up. However, he does treat him well. He still pets him and lets him lay on him. (when Lewie feels like it) It's very strange he will jump up on him and lay there for 10 minutes or so, then start growling/meowing, but continue to lay there. It's like he's saying "I don't like it, but you will pet me." I don't know, he has mood swings. Sometimes it's not that bad, he just walks around talking, and then other days he's just very mean and attacks.

We never fight or argue. So, I don't think he could be sensing anything from me. I don't know why he's like this. I've had him since he was a kitten and there should be no reason for him to be mean, other than him being jealous of him not being the only male in the house. I have no idea.
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is your boyfriend going someplace where there are other cats or something? Does he wear cologne? Scent is soooo strong in a cat - sometimes they will hiss and growl even if you just pat a dog or other cat....

I don't know what else to suggest, but does your boyfriend tell the cat "NO" or clap at him when he begins his jealous little fits, or is he scared of him? If he's letting him continue, maybe that's the problem - he needs a firm NO or something....

jeeze, I hope it works out for ya.....
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Also - maybe DON'T let him lay on your boyfriend - so there is no justification for attack - My cat bums out when you ignore him, maybe your boyfriend should ignore him for a while?????
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My cat sammy, when he was like 3 months, growled at me one day after I had come home from the barn. I realized I was patting the dog and forgot to wash my hands before I went home and patted him. He hasn't growled since, but he was pissed, I was patting such a smelly creature! It could be something he smells on your boyfriend. I hope you can figure it out what ever it is

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No he's not around any other animals, and he when he comes home from work he's not wearing cologne. He is firm with him, and tells him no, and all that. When he tries to lay with him or us, and he starts growling he says no, and gets him off the bed or couch or him. I am at a loss. The first vet I consulted said to punish him when he did it, and I did that for a little while and I think it made it worse. Then I read somewhere that, that's the worse thing you can do. The 2nd vet suggested we give him this herbal pill, (like a valium), which really was bad. He knew it was in his food, and wouldn't eat it. Then the vet gave it to me in a liquid that I had to squirt in his mouth, it was awful. It didn't help, and just upset me and Lewie. The 3rd vet has basically told us to just be consistent with my boyfriend feeding him, and so on... That's not helping either. I think it's something that is probably going to go on, and we just have to get used to it.
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