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Hi folks, I haven't logged on in a while, I guess it's a good thing in a way as some problems that I had with my cat went away...

Our baby, Tendresse, now about 16 months old is very aggressive. This is nothing new, but we basically lived with it. By Aggressive I mean that when she bytes, it's REALLY HARD! Not a little byte, it's as if she wants to rip our hand off!

For instance, we cannot ever grab her from the floor and take her in our arms. (Unless it's early in the morning and we just open the door to her room for her to get out, or if we have been away all day) If we just try to grab her she will instantly byte hard, kick with her back feet, and so on...

Another problem is that she HATES brushes. We tried a comb, a hair brush, a cat brush, she simply doesn't want us to touch her with it. If we do, she will give it (and our hand) a slap. If we keep it up it's an attack with byting.


My questions are:

1) How can I brush her then? She needs it doesn't she?

2) How can I get her off the ground without being attacked?

3) How can I get her to attack with such aggression?

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Some cats don't like to be picked up or groomed.

Rosie loves to be groomed, but Sophie tries to grab the brush off me

Try throwing her a toy so she can chase it instead of picking her up.

She's got such a sweet, but naughty little face as well
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Have you tried the Zoom Groom for brushing her? Most people here report that their cats really like it. You can get one at Petsmart.
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She looks so sweet and innocent on those pictures.
I don't know how to curb agression, my cats are persians and extremely docile, but they also hate to be brushed.
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Thanks for the replies.

Yeah she does look pretty sweat. She really enjoy when we pet her, but the problem is the aggression. We stop petting her when she shows signs (tail) so it's not a problem... And with a name like Tendresse (French word for Tenderness) it was obvious that she'd lack some once in a while

I'll try the Zoom Groom if I see one
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