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Happy (in some little way) - my tiny vent

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I feel so helpless about the hurricane victims as most of you do. I want to help so badly. I want to go there to offer my assistance in some way, but it's too chaotic right now and secondly, my eldest kitty girl needs special feeding care because of her failing health.

Watching all those families not knowing where to go, what to do, is just too heartbreaking. I know everyone in the US feels the same so I mentioned to my mother last night that it was a shame that all US cities , churches, community groups, across the US didn't sponsor one or two families. She mentioned it at a board meeting today and they contacted our Mayor. Mom phoned and told me to listen to the radio because they were going to do just that and announce it on the radio She told me that the group she was with this morning was starting a toy drive to distribute toys to the children who are displaced when they are able to do so. The Director mentioned to her that since I was not working, she could sure use me to help organize it, etc. So I get to help in some little way which makes me feel better.

Maybe there are small things in your communities that you can do, too, if you are feel like helping
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Good points!!

I think most of us need to do more in our communities to make things better on a daily basis...not just when something tragic happens.
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...well said Chris...
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Fantastic Chris - I know how sad you felt about the plight of those affected by Katrina, I'm so glad you are able to use your skills to help out
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I agree with what Beth said Chris, I am so pleased to hear that you are able to help in some way. I know you were disappointed because you couldnt go down there to help - but as I always say "everything happens for a reason" and maybe this is the reason?
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