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Companion for an only cat?

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A spin-off from x-ta-Z's post and Sammie's response....

My Josie was raised as an only cat. She's bonded with me and is very attached to me. She's very territorial and doesn't like other people coming into "her space." She's very opinionated and talkative. She's a meticulous groomer and I guess you could say a "prissy princess". I've thought for a long time about getting her a companion. But, I fear it would be hard to find a good match to go with her personality. I think it would be the situation where I'd have to find just the right cat, or behavior between her and a new cat would deteriorate very quickly. Would it be hard to find a match because she was raised and an only cat? If I did, what kinds of characteristics should I look for?
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I'm in the same boat and getting my new cat ***this Sunday.***
Anyway, you just need to find a "nonthreatening" cat - so probably one smaller and younger than yours. Might be better to get a male, since yours is a female. There's a thread somewhere on here about the method for introducing 2 cats to each other. It looks pretty time consuming but with cats like ours, I think it's a necesity.
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I've been going through this myself...we got Napoleon two months ago to introduce to Cassie, the resident and "only child" kitty for 3 years. She was NOT HAPPY about him in her territory, but he was very curious about her.

One month of having them interact with each almost 24/7, I am still engaging in play therapy, buying new foods, trying remedies such as Feliway and essences, and they are *finally* coexisting, but still hate each other LOL...rather, Cassie hates Napoleon, Napoleon wants a playmate.

I love Napoleon, he is the cutest freaking cat in the world, but just because *we* (meaning, my SO and I) liked him, didn't necessarily mean that he was a good match for Cassie. But he found *us* and we couldn't ignore that

That said, we *could* have put more thought into it, but the fact remains, we knew Cassie would put up a fight but she seems to be OK with him, till he harasses her...then she lets him have it!!! Now, I just need to put time and energy and TLC into making their relationship a productive, sensible one...even if they are not the best of friends, I'd like them to at least *deal* with each other.

Good luck with finding a new kitty.
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I couldn't even imagine Oliver getting a brother or sister! Hell, he even kicks my boyfriend out of bed because I'm Oliver's mommy before I'm Jim's girlfriend!! He is definitely king of the roost (or so he thinks, I'm still mama and still bigger than him!).... the only difference with my situation is that Oliver is FIV+ and is recommended to be kept an only kitty... I'd definitely go with a smaller kitty that's not as independent and "prissy" - take the introduction slowly and patiently... you'll have to make sure that the new kitty isn't getting taken advantage of just because it's smaller and your resident kitty feels she is queen... good luck!
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Rosie was without a doubt a "prissy princess" before i got Sophie, and she still can be!, but getting Sophie as company and a playmate for her was the best thing i ever did

I don't think you can tell a perfect match really, but if you followed the thread on introductions posted on this site that will help a lot.
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