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New kittens new problems

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Hi all,

Well after three months with out first Himalayan kitten, my live in girlfriend and I wanted to open our home up to two more. The two sisters we aquired from the same breeder as the first one arrived Saturday in great health with their shots and vet already made. We currently live in a one bedroom apartment and have the two new kittens adjusting to their new home in the bedroom since an introduction to the older kitten is still pending.

Since their arrival my girlfriend has had constant chest pain after prolong exposure to the two sisters, who are prone to sleep on or under the bed in our absence. Her doctor did advise against any cats prior to the first kitten which was ignored back in June. Yesterday, I visited Homedepot for the best furnise filter they sold for pet allergies. At first there were no problems and I was relieved that was until 4:30 this morning she was up and out of the bedroom complaining of the pain again. I am now considering a hempa filter to help the problem though I'm unsure this will fix the problem.

True, we have not had these kittens long enough to bond with them I would hate to start looking for them a new home not to mention the out of pocket money just handed over to the breeder. Any suggestions?

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I'd suggest having her call her doctor to see if there's any medications that will help.
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Im sure that you dont want to have to say goodbye but hopefully you love your girlfriend enough to think it might have to be the kittens going. Meds can help for allergies but they amount of hair your little ones have makes dander a HUGE issue. (and) most breeders I know would be ok with a return that is as severe as yours....they love their kittens too. They wouldnt want to see them separated or given away, Im sure they would like to place them again and give you a full or partial refund.
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Have you tried encouraging the kitties to sleep in another area. One of the most common suggestions for ppl with allergies is to ensure the cats do not share your bed - and thus being in close proximity for 8 hrs or so a night with these allergens. Chest pain is usually a secondary and more worrisome symptom so I hope your gf gets good advice from her family doctor. You might also consider an apt with 2 bedrooms. Sometimes, our lifestyle defines how many pets we can have, much to our dismay. I wish you luck!
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Sure doesn't sound like typical allergies to me- has she seen a doctor?
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