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Holiday Poll!!!

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Yes, that time of year is almost upon us!

I thought a poll would be a good idea to go along with Susie's mailing list, so if any memeber would like to send other members a holiday card they would know what kind of card to send.
So which of the holidays do you celebrate...Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanza??
There will be an "other" option as well in case I've forgotten one!

A poll will appear in a few minutes.

Ooops, I forgot to list "I don't celebrate the Holidays" option
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I love christmas! It's such a happy time of the year. All the lights, decorations, people cooking... maybe because I was born in Dec?
my 2nd fav is Halloween.. I love getting dressed up and scaring all the kids!
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Excellent idea!

Crimbo for me
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Christmas here too!
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I selected "Other" - although I celebrate Chanukah, other members of my family celebrate christmas. So I usually land up having to celebrate both, and you didn't have a "multiple" option!
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Yeah, I would've put "Christmas" and "Other" as personally we celebrate Solstice. Most of the rest of the family call it "Christmas" however . My tree-topper is a Galadrial Barbie as I never could find a fairy that I liked !
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I also celebrate my birthday, wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Packers winning the SuperBowl, the cats birthday, Neil's birthday etc.........................
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What about Chrismakuh?

Sorry, to much O.C.
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Oh I love Christmas!!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
...same here! ....
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My family celebrates christmas but I celebrate December 25th - a time spent with family! I'm atheist so I'm not a big fan of the term Christmas for my special day.
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I love Christmas!!!
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I love Christmas, too!!!
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I'm already looking for gifts.... I want to get done early this year
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Despite coming from a basically secular Protestant background, I haven't observed Christmas for many years, and don't agree with capitalizing off a day that is supposedly "holy", and which over the years has seemingly lost its meaning and has turned into a gift-giving extravaganza for many.

Without sharing too much, I observed Chanukah for a number of years, but didn't participate in the gift-giving, which is more for kids, and can also be far too extravagant, IMO. Chanukah is one of the least important Jewish holidays. The high holidays which we are coming upon shortly (Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur) and Pesach (Passover) in the spring are of far more importance to observant Jews.
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Christmas to me has always meant a celebration of love and beauty. Glistening snow and lights everywhere is so magical and pretty. Family and friends gathered together etc.
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