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Hi All:
About two months ago I wrote about my little unspayed 6 year old female Zart, that was attacking her adoption-mate, a much larger neutered male named George. After being close and friendly all their lives, she was suddenly vicious toward him and then both seemed afraid.
We took a lot of your advice: checked at the vet, Zart was spayed, feliway and rescue remedy, separation and gradual re-introduction. The one thing we did not do was put Zart on medication, mostly because I did not want her to be rendered dopey, as the vet described. I didn't rule it out completely, but wanted to give more natural processes a bit longer.
Well, things are nearly normal again - after a difficult and often frustrating few months thinking it would not happen. Zart is undoubtedly more assertive and dominant than she ever was before, but there is a real truce. She even once again rubs against him, demanding that George lick her head. She tolerates him throughout the house, mostly - she only occasionally lets him in our bedroom. She occasionally runs him off of where she is, but no fighting, only a hiss or two. Even this seems to get better every day. Our sweet Zart no longer terrorizes our sweet Georgie.
I read a lot of posts here about this problem and just want to provide some hope to those who wonder if they will have their family back....