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Distressed Kitty

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Hello Everyone...I know it's been awhile since I've been on the site. I've been having alot of personal problems, my husband and I seperated and are getting a divorce. I no longer have a computer, he got custody of it but that's okay, I got my 4 cats. My problem is my youngest cat Titus has started to act up more than usual whenever I go to leave for work or anything. He grabs my legs and gets in front of the door so I can't get by, I have to trick him by throwing his toy and when he runs to get it I run out the door. It is the only way I can get out without him running outside. None of my cats are outside cats and are never allowed outside. After I get out the door he jumps at the window and I can see he is hollering sometimes, he just looks so sad. He has torn the blinds but I'm really concerned about how to make him feel better. I think that maybe he thinks that because my husband left I might do the same, I don't know. In the evenings when I get home he was running out the door but wouldn't go further than the steps, I can always pick him up and take him back in but I'm so scared one day that he will go off the porch and I won't be able to get him. I now ring the doorbell before entering my own house, it scares him away from the door long enough for me to get in, sooner or later he may catch on, or is it just all a game for him. He is about 10 months old and he and all the cats in the house are spayed and neutered. What is wrong? What can I do?
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It sounds like he may be stressed over the new situation. I just got done posting somewhere else that cats are very routine by nature. Little tiny things can upset them, let alone a new lifestyle. They can also pick up on our own stresses (which in fact sounds like you have a ton). You might want to consider giving him some Dr Bachs or Be Calm for the next few weeks. I would also work on trying to establish new "normal" routines in the house. Say before you leave, pet him and then throw the toy. When you get home give him lots of pets and then go about your routine. Make sure you do this every single day so that he feels that it's going to happen everytime. The natural products will also help to ease any stress.
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I read somewhere that it is good to say the same thing to your pets every time you leave for a short time, so they know it is a normal thing that you are leaving.

I always say, "Bye Kitties - be good!".
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Try getting up just ten minutes early and keep that time for him. Play with him with a teaser or another of his favorite toys or brush him for a few minutes. When you come home, forget about anything else you think you need to do - spend ten minutes giving him quality time. Whatever it is you need to do will still be there ten minutes from the time you get home. Perhaps you can put a box of cat treats in your car and bring one in with you when you come home at night. He definitely feels the stresses of his mommy and it upsets him. In a short while he will get used to the new routine and settle down. Good luck
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Thanks for the advise. I really think that he is starting to do better all ready. If Titus had his way I would never go to work. He just loves attention all the time. He's just a big cuddle bug. :kitty5: Thanks again.
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No advice, just needed to say:

Poor little guy! I can just imagine that fact through the window and how it must tug at your heart!

I hope he can get better used to the changes in his little world soon.
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