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Good News Bad News

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Well the good news is I got to talking to my new soon to be lanlord today and asked her if she knew anyone who wanted a kitten. She said her father was looking for a white kitten and if I had one, he would take it!
Then my bext friend who also adopted one from me before, decided she wants ANOTHER baby! YAY! so thats 4 down, 2 to go. Then when I talked to my landlord again (she's a lonly older lady who loves animals and computers so she calls me alot) said to bring ALL the cats down with me and she would help me find homes! IM SO HAPPY! I dont have to take them to the SPCA now!

The bad news.
Sammy who is a more outside cat was MIA for almost a week... Nothin unusual for Sam. Even though he's fixed, he still has som Tom in him. Anyways, the boys were outside and spotted him in the vacant house's yard across the street. My oldest son went over and coaxed him home.
When he came inside, he took about 2 bites of food and wanted out.
I picked him up to cuddle him and say "HEY STRANGER" and he went berzerk on me! Started hissing, growling, and clawing at me! I quickly (more like dropped him..Bad mommy) put him down and opened the door. He went outside and sat on the porch steps. I was talking to him when he turned around and started hissing at me.. and this is NOT like Sammy! He's usually so laid back that when I would have to evacuate for the hurricanes or take him to the vet, he would lay in my lap in the car and sleep.. usually VERY calm and laid back. He's been acting strange since my soon to be ex left.
I am wondering if he misses him or if something happened to him like a person hurting him or if he's just turned wild from being outside. The other cats go in and out and seem to be fine.
So Justice (oldest son) took some food out to him on the porch. He may have been a "family" cat, but he's always LOVED Justice more then anyone. He ate a little bit but growled at Justice and ran into the yard across the street and disappeared.
About an hour later, he surfaced again and Justice made another atempt to bring him home and he clawed him a good one on the arm so Justice let him be. This broke my sons heart since Sammy has always been his favorite.
I am worried about him now because my mom was wanting to keep him for me. Everyone has loved Sammy and never had this problem with him. We used to joke that he was the "house greeter" because when you walked in he would snake inbetween your legs so say hello and sit next to ANYONE on the couch.
Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what I could do? I dont want to lose Sammy but Im scared now because of the kids. But I dont want him to just run free after I move and leave him here. I also know that with this behavior, if I called the SPCA or Animal Control to help with him, he would probably be put to sleep.... I just dont know what to do..
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I would take him to a vet. He may have some illness or injury that is making him act like this. I think that the first thing to do when a cat has a dramatically different behaviour is to look at medical causes.
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I'll move this to the Behaviour forum for you
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catch and take to vet is my thought too
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Definately sounds as if Sammy needs a trip to the vet. Good luck!
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