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Meowing ?

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Lately at night my kitty Libby has been meowing and meowing really loud keeping me up all night long. Any idea on what that could be?
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is she desexed?
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She could be in heat, which won't stop until she is fixed.

She could be lonely and calling for someone to play with
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Yup she's in heat. Ya know we were just going to get her spayed to lol i guess we cant right now =(
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I remember reading that there are vets who can spay while they are in heat but it costs more than normal because her stuff is enlarged or swollen. If you can handle waiting til she is out of heat and take her in then, that might be better. But that is just my two cents.
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I called for an appointment for spaying the day after my cat went into heat. They made an appointment, for the following week. They said, you can't really know when she's going into heat again, so best to just have it done.

Bailey was out of heat by the time the appointment came around. But they can do the spay when the cat is still in heat.
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You might want to check with your vet. My vet said he actually prefers to spay while they were in heat because it was an easier surgery. He does not say the same about dogs
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