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New kittens in need of prayers

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Got a call tonight about four orphaned kittens found cold and stuck to tall grasses in a hay field about to be mowed. Hustled over, and oh my gosh these babies are like ice- have done gradual warm-ups on them, they are just days old, and they have just had their first taste of warm formula- There is a sweet tortie with half a face like a calico, a golden kitty, a black one and a tuxedo. They rode home in my bra, and there was very little movement- not a good sign-

Please pray for these hay kitties- and I will update as I can-

Here they are

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Poor things! But I can't think of a better place for them to end up. I will be thinking of them and sending of them lots of vibes.
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We have three manx's and one long-tail. They are gradually warming up and are now meowing for the very first time since being picked up.
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Oh my gosh!! How did they find them before they mowed? I am so relieved that they did, and that they made their way to you. Sending many good thoughts and survival vibes to these sweet babies!!
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Prayers for new little people on their way. They couldn't be in a better place.
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Oh, you precious little darlings! I'm praying for you now and so wish I could hold you close and snuggle you up safe and warm. Mary Anne, you're my hero again!
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My prayers are with you and those sweet babies
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Sending truckloads of prayers and thoughts your way. Will be thinking of you tonight!!
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Precious babies, I'm praying for you now and wish I was right there with you cuddling you up so safe and warm. Sierra and Serenity send gentle snuggles to you, darling little ones.
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Ack look at this sweet face baby!

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They couldn't be in better hands. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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poor sweet babies! I am praying for them!
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Saying prayers, even though they are now in the hands of a guardian angel...their best chance at a good life.
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They are sweet! Wishing them the best!
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We are calling this little Manx boy Nugget

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MA just to clarify just because they don't have a tail it doesn't make them a manx. A manx is a breed.
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Bless their little hearts Thank God you were there MA, and weve every faith in you!.

Sending (((((Mega healthy vibes))))) from across the ocean
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Sending lots and lots of prayers for all the little ones!

Awww nugget is adorable, grow strong little nugget!
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Bless you for taking care of these babies

Lots of {{{good healthy}}} vibes coming their way, do keep us updated
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Thanks for taking care of these little ones, you are doing a great job

I will send get well vibes & prayers to them all and will be thinking of them.
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What a little darling!
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Many prayers to those darling babies. You are a wonderful person!! I love the name Nugget.
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Poor little ones...bless you for taking care of them!
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Poor babies, good luck!
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Sending lots of prayers to you and the little ones.
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I have a bittersweet story to tell about this litter.

After keeping vigil all night with feedings and stimulations, it was clear this morning that the Manx-crosses were not faring well. This would be the gold kitty (Nugget) the tuxdo and and the black little kitten. They had great appetite but there was no elimination, and what often happens with the manx crosses is they just don't develop right at birth. It looked, upon closer inspection, that none had rectums, or holes to pee out of.

I rushed the litter to the vet and upon close examination, he declared sadly that I was right, and they had about two days tops to live. The long-tail would be okay having all the necessary equipment and proving it by peeing and pooping on the vet when the thermometer was gently inserted.

Sadly, the vet went to get the stuff, and so Jody and I held each kitten, loving and stroking them, and telling them how sorry we were their visit was so short. Suddenly Bemuda- the black one started to poop! When the vet came in we showed him what happened, and he got so excited! He went and got a smaller thermometer and he inserted it into all the kittens. As he did, the little tuxedo kitty began to poop and pee all over his hand, and he laughed and said "Pee pee glorious pee!"

Sadly, Nugget did not have a rectum or a penis. He was closed up tighter than a drum and swelling at the base of the tail at an enormous rate. At 9:30 a.m. he was injected with euthanasia and his heart stopped. Ben said had they not been found- they would have all died a very toxic and slow death.

We may still lose Barley (the tuxedo) and Bermuda (the black kitty) Alfalfa the tortie is doing well and the kittens weigh in at just under 4 ozs. each.

I thanked God for the elimination miracle on the two kittens as I kissed Nugget goodbye and told him I was sorry his life here was so short.

Please keep these little ones in your prayers- they are not out of the woods yet. But as the vet said before I left- "They deserve a chance, and if anyone can give it to them you can."

Before my smile grew, he added solemnly, "Besides, we can always euthanize them later."

But thank God three miracles are here- and Nugget is out of pain-
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Oh Bless them But RIP baby Nugget

The three of them are still in my thoughts and prayers But thank goodness what the vet needed wasn't to hand!. Those minutes have been precious to those little ones
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Originally Posted by Gilly
I will send get well vibes & prayers to them all and will be thinking of them.
....Poor Little nugget........R.I.P. little one...
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RIP little Nugget. And lots of vibes for Burmuda and Barley also.
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I don't know how you cope with this. I have no words to express my sincere admiration. I send prayers for these remaining little ones to make it.
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