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Paws with caked on litter

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One of my cats has a habit of sloshing his feet in the water dish. Then of course in and out of the litter box. In a matter of days the litter has gotten stuck and clumped between his toes, and he's walking on litter stilts. At which time I have to soak it off. He just won't keep his feet clean.
He grooms everything else, and grooms the other cats, but his own feet he ignores.
I get totally soaked trying to keep his paws in soapy water long enough to clean them. Any suggestions? Is there anything that can be put on them, so the litter doesn't stick to the hair between his toes?
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Ewww. Yucky.

Can you keep his box and water far enough apart so they have more of a chance to dry?

Or maybe those new litter 'pearls' would help?
They are sort of crystal balls, although I'm not sure how you clean the box out.

Other than that, they do sell little kitty booties like rain gear. Those are more for dressing your kitty up to look and feel silly, but maybe they can have an actual purpose for you.

Good luck!
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so the kitty can drink out of it, but it would take some doing for it to get in and play around. If that didn't work, I would stop using clumping litter for the time being. You can apply crisco shortening to the pads to help remove the litter that has clumped between the toes. Leave it on for about ten minutes, then wipe it off and the litter should come right off with it. Good luck
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Thanks for the good ideas. The water is about 8 ft. away from the litter box already, but I've got gray cat tracts all over. Putting it higher in the air might help.
I was wondering about that pearl type of litter. I'll have to try some. One pkg. said to put the whole thing in the litter box, pick out the clumps but only change once every 30 days. Plain litter that doesn't clump, I can't stand the smell, so that is a no go.
Sometimes I think this cat must be related to a coon, splashing it's paws in the water all the time. That just gave me a new idea. Wonder if he could catch minnows, if I got some out of the creek, and put in a water container for him. I bet it would be fun to watch.
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I would also maybe try and put a bathmat under his food and water. I have a few who play with the water and it works good
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Can you move it farther away? I keep my kitties food in the kitchen and the litter box way down in the basement on the far side in the laundry room. The walk does 'em good.
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Is he a long hair does it seem as if he has fur "tufts" between his toes? If so you might try trimming the fur between his toes.
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